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By: Backup Fusion  09-12-2011
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Technology « Backup Fusion

Backup Fusion is very different from a traditional backup system. We’re also different from other online backup systems. Our objective is to capitalize on highly accessible storage technology at the lowest cost per GB. We understand that it is important to protect your data, but it is equally important for us to allow you to access, share and organize it easily.

Global File System – Storage 2.0

Backup Fusion utilizes Global File System (GFS), the archiving technology created by the European company Memopal. GFS is a distributed file system, designed to be highly reliable, scalable and at the lowest cost per GB.

  • Up to 100 million Terabytes
  • Up to 1015 Files
  • Transparent Read-Write Compression
  • Transparent Cipher
  • Native Indexing
  • Hot-Add Scalability
  • Native Hardware Health Monitoring

No need to delete

Deleting your files is a dull, risky and time-consuming activity. GFS has been designed to have a minimal cost per GB, lowered to the point where it is easier and more convenient to purchase more space rather than to delete files.

Find your files faster

We think it is important to speed up the process of finding files. This allows you to save time both in searching and in organizing your folders and your computer. GFS is natively indexed, which means it will always be easy for us to develop technology that assists in the organization of your files. For example: from home, you have taken a document from on your office PC, and you have made changes to it. The most updated version resides on your home computer. Two weeks later you need that document and you don’t remember the file name nor when you made the last modification. From the Backup Fusion “Search” function you can access the latest Word documents that you have worked on from any of your computers.

Hardware costs decreasing

Every year the price of hard drives diminishes and new technologies supplant the previous ones. In information technology the statement, “buy now only what you need now”, remains valid. GFS is based on this principle, being a technology independent of hardware. This means that as soon as a new technology is developed with a lower GB cost, it can be integrated immediately. Backup Fusion is committed to offer its users more space as the hardware cost decrease.

Keywords: online backup

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Overview « Backup Fusion

Online backup (also known as remote backup) is a method of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a computer are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with an Internet connection. Backup Fusion provides online backup services for subscribers whose computers are connected to the Internet, automatically copying selected files to backup storage at our location.


Features « Backup Fusion

When your computer requires bandwidth for another process Backup Fusion will slow down to allow your computer the bandwidth it requires. Our Auto Throttle upload setting will ensure you don’t notice Backup Fusion using bandwidth while providing continuous backup. To remove a file from your backup account, you need to access the online folders and manually remove them from your account.


Pricing « Backup Fusion

How about 150 GB, unlimited computers (Windows or Mac), 24×7 access and priority support. No setup fees, no credit cards, no hassles. Backup photos, music, data and more. Get 2 GB of free online backup.