Features « Backup Fusion

By: Backup Fusion  09-12-2011
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Features « Backup Fusion

Fast, Smart, Reliable

Backup Fusion is software that archives your files to remote servers via Internet connection. Take a quick look at some of the excellent features of the service.

Automatic Backup

Once you have chosen what you want to save, Backup Fusion starts and does not require your intervention.

Continuous Backup – Real Time

Every file modification will be saved and will immediately be available online.

150 Gigabytes of Storage

This is the amount of space that Backup Fuson provides with the standard plan. And if you need more space, you can upgrade at anytime.

Access from Anywhere

You can access your files from any computer connected to the Internet by logging into our members center.

Smart Resource Management

Our Auto Throttle upload setting will ensure you don’t notice Backup Fusion using bandwidth while providing continuous backup. When your computer requires bandwidth for another process Backup Fusion will slow down to allow your computer the bandwidth it requires.

Permanent Archives

If you delete files on your computer, we won’t delete them from your backups. To remove a file from your backup account, you need to access the online folders and manually remove them from your account. Many of our competitors will remove your deleted files after 30 days even though they promise “unlimited storage”.

Store What You Want

You decide what to store: My Documents, specific folders, or the entire system. Backup Fusion saves any type of file of any size.

E-mail Backup
Smart Selection

Backup Fusion saves the files that you are working with first and most frequently. After a few minutes the most important data is protected.

Send Files Larger than 1 Gigabyte

Too big for an e-mail? With Backup Fusion you can share and send files of enormous size, even over 1 Gigabyte.

File Versioning

How many times have you accidentally saved a file over another file? It happens to everyone. Backup Fusion will automatically maintain multiple versions of your documents. When you save changes on an existing document, Backup Fusion catalogs and archives a previous version so you can restore any backed up version of that document.

Secure and Private

Your data is protected with our double encryption to ensure your data is always safe. We use 128-bit encryption during transfer and 448-bit Blowfish encryption during storage. Our Global Cloud Storage has built-in privacy that guarantees only your login credentials can access your files. No members of our staff or infrastructure team can view your unencrypted data.

RAID 5 Technology

Triple-copy on remote servers with geographic RAID 5 technology.

One License, All of Your Computers

Our competition either believes everyone has a single computer, or they can mislead you with a low “per computer” price. Backup Fusion understands that many families and small business need to backup more than a single computer. We price our solutions as if you were backing up one computer — then we let you backup as many as you have.

Software as a Service

Backup Fusion is “Software-as-a-Service”: Deployment and testing of new functionality is continuous and does not require any input on the part of the User.

The Ultimate Online Search

Backup Fusion understands that you have many files to backup. And probably multiple computers. Your backups are not useful if you can’t find the files you need to recover. Browsing multiple folders deep isn’t always a solution. Using our Online Search, we can search for your backed up files across all of your computers.

Keywords: Encryption, Storage

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Technology « Backup Fusion

Backup Fusion utilizes Global File System , the archiving technology created by the European company Memopal. GFS is a distributed file system, designed to be highly reliable, scalable and at the lowest cost per GB. Our objective is to capitalize on highly accessible storage technology at the lowest cost per GB. This allows you to save time both in searching and in organizing your folders and your computer.


Overview « Backup Fusion

Online backup (also known as remote backup) is a method of offsite data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a computer are regularly backed up on a remote server or computer with an Internet connection. Backup Fusion provides online backup services for subscribers whose computers are connected to the Internet, automatically copying selected files to backup storage at our location.


Pricing « Backup Fusion

How about 150 GB, unlimited computers (Windows or Mac), 24×7 access and priority support. No setup fees, no credit cards, no hassles. Backup photos, music, data and more. Get 2 GB of free online backup.