Accutron Plus IDM Airflow Monitor

By: Accutron Instruments  09-12-2011

With the success of the Accutron Plus Drift Airflow monitor, it was found that a similar system was in demand to monitor the airflow in Mine Intake and Exhaust Fans.  Thus, the Accutron Plus FN was born.  It boasts a modular design complete with non-corrosive materials and the same proven Time of Flight technology as in the Drift Monitor for years of consistent, accurate and reliable airflow readings.

Vent on Demand and Accutron go hand in hand.  To properly use you VFD (variable frequency drive) fans to optimize energy usage and save big, you must accurately monitor the amount airflow produced.  The Accutron Plus FN gives you real time airflow readings so you can schedule fan operating levels depending on the airflow needs of personnel and equipment at different times.

The Accutron Plus series uses Ultrasonic Time of Flight technology to accurately measure bi-directional airflow.  Ultrasonic pulses are sent back and forth between the transducers across the fan section, traveling through the air current.

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Accutron Plus Drift Airflow Monitor Overview

Let “TA-B” be the time taken for the signal to travel from Transducer A to Transducer B, and “TB-A” be the time taken for the pulse to travel from Transducer B to A. The control unit accurately measures the time-of-flight for each direction. In the case of no moving air, then TA-B equals TB-A and there is no time difference because there is no airflow.


Accutron Instruments Inc - Product Details

Accuracy: +/- 1% full scale - Pulse rates: Ranges from 10 Hz to 5KHz - Operation range: -30°C to 60 °C - Power: 15 - 30 VDC - Consumption: 1/2 V - 250 mA - 4 Watts - Range: Up to 1700 m - Configuration: Through external PC or wireless Bluetooth PDA - Size: 280 x 205 x 155 cm. Accutron Industrial Laser Range Finder. CO- CO2- NO- NOx- Methane Humidity.