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By: Pet Klean  09-12-2011
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Veterinarians now have the opportunity to offer their clients another form of disposition for their loved family pets. The alkaline hydrolysis process is essentially an accelerated form of the process which takes place in the natural cycle of life. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity is used to accelerate the natural course of breakdown accomplished by our ecosystem. At the end of the process the pets body has been returned to its natural form, dissolved in the water. Similar to cremation, the only solid remains are the mineral ash of the bones, which can be returned to the family in an urn or scatter box if so desired.

Now available, Pet Klean/Mott manufacturing Canadian line of Veterinarian and Veterinary Hospital Equipment. These range from wet prep tables in powder coated steel cabinet bases with stainless steel tubs with grills, exam tables with stainless tops and powder coated cabinet bases, stainless exam and transport tables, stainless pass thru surgical cabinets and windows, stainless sinks including surgical scrub, food prep, scullery plus much more. We also have a complete line of powder coated casework for, Examination Rooms, Lab Island Modular Cabinets and Pharmacy Stations, Treatment Rooms, Food Preparation Stations to name just a few. Standard configurations for exam rooms, treatment, pharmacy etc. will allow you to see previously supplied casework layouts for ideas and possible solutions for your project. All cabinetry is available in powder coated steel in 25 standard colours as well as stainless steel. Powder coated steel cabinets can also be supplied with wood veneer fronts for doors and drawers. Glass ronts in both fixed and sliding doors are also available. Watch for examples of systems coming soon in our Veterinary Products Section. Call today for details and no obligation quotations. Our Canadian line manufactured in Brantford Ontario is priced in Canadian currency.

Pet Klean also offers a comprehensive line of TriStar Metals Veterinarian and Hospital equipment in stainless steel. These range from custom designed stainless steel work islands, examination tables, stainless steel cabinets, powder coated cat condos, isolation cages, wet prep tables of various configurations, narcotic cabinets and safes, raised kennel systems, instrument tables just to name a few. Due to many custom designs and sizes prices will vary considerably so please call our office or e-mail us for a quote. All quotes will be in Canadian currency with all brokerage and exchange calculated in your costs.

Pet Klean Inc. and Mott Manufacturing Ltd. proudly introduces our new line of Veterinary Equipment manufactured in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Pet Klean Inc. Veterinary Division has been supplying quality equipment and services to the Veterinary community across Canada since 2002. Mott Manufacturing, an ISO 9001:2000 registered company, has been designing, manufacturing and selling quality steel laboratory furniture, fume hoods and specialty stainless steel products all over the world since 1961. Pet Klean is proud to have teamed with Mott to bring the Veterinary Community a new and innovative product line.

  • Full line of powder coated cabinet bases with a choice of 25 colours
  • Wet Prep Tables with stainless steel sinks and grates, ideal for dentals
  • Exam tables with powder coated cabinets and stainless steel tops with raised marine edges
  • Stainless steel exam tables with no cabinets
  • Full line of casework designed for your Veterinary facility including uppers and lowers, with choice of glass doors or solid doors, built in stainless counter tops or material of choice. Send us your plans or ask us for our suggestions, we have cabinets to meet your needs.
  • Stainless steel sinks from surgical, scullery, kennel prep tables as well as custom designs
  • Surgical pass thru cabinets and windows
  • Transport tables in powder coated and stainless steel

Pet Klean offers a comprehensive line of TriStar Metals Kennel systems and equipment. Along with bathing tubs which you will find in the Animal Bathing Tubs product section we have a complete line of Premium and Econo Kennel systems and accessories. Both lines come in a off the floor configuration called Raised Kennel systems as well as floor mounted Kennel Enclosures. All are fabricated from top grade 304 Stainless Steel. Due to many custom designs and sizes prices will vary considerably so please call our office or e-mail us for a quote. All quotes will be in Canadian currency with all brokerage and exchange calculated in your costs.

Hypothermia Mats

  • Animals can't talk, but we always seem to know just what they're thinking. They rely on you to deliver the best care in the most comfortable manner possible. And when it comes to that cold exam or surgery table, the threat of hypothermia is the last thing you want to worry about.
  • Keep your clients warm and cozy with Stat-MatsT, the beneficial and cost-efficient solution that boldly addresses the concern of heat loss in the veterinary clinic or animal hospital.
  • Constructed from high-quality insulating materials, Stat-Mats prevent body heat loss that occurs from contact with cold metal surfaces. From the simplest procedures to more complex surgeries, animals placed on Stat-Mats experience conductive warmth and cushioned comfort within seconds. Plus, Stat-Mats can absorb and distribute warmth from any light source to soothe your patients during an exam.
  • A preemptive "thanks" from your four-legged friends.

Standing Fatigue Mats

  • Restlessness. Irritability. Aches, cramps and pains. Lack of concentration.
  • Meet Stat-MatsT Standing Fatigue Mats.
  • When standing for long periods of time leaves your body in agony, Stat-Mats give your muscles and joints the break they deserve. Muscles contract as they adjust to the flexibility of the mat, promoting circulation. Manufactured with dual density closed-celled foam and a proprietary polyurethane coating. Stat-Mats provide a cost-efficient and beneficial solution for preventing lower back and lower extremity soreness, especially during those longer procedures.
  • In the end you have increased productivity, healthy living for you and your associates, and a happy work environment overall.
  • Stand proud. Stand tall. Stand healthy.

Oster bathing systems are designed to replace conventional hand washing increasing washing efficiency and reducing washing times. Veterinarians, professional groomers to self-service pet wash shop owners will find that the ease of use and long term reliability of Oster wash equipment elevates their operations to a class of their own.

Long life and quality are the hallmarks of our wash stations. All our units are fabricated from 100% stainless steel for ease of cleaning and disinfecting. These are key considerations when evaluating your shops needs.

All our shampoos and conditioners are formulated to meet your animals bathing pleasure and special requirements. From soothing oatmeal to medicated shampoos our line of products will address varied skin and coat needs. All are biodegradable and pH balanced.

Keywords: Cabinets, Exam Tables, Powder Coated, Stainless Steel