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By: Syl-la-bles  19-08-2014
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Syl-la-bles selling points -First board game deal on the hit Canadian TV show Dragon’s Den -Working on an iPhone app version of the game to be launched in Fall 2013 -Have sold over 30,000 copies in 5 years Packaging appeals to both boys and girls, and all ages. Sell the game off the shelf once listed. - Only takes 2 minutes to learn the rules - Great educational word game that teaches spelling, syllables, synonyms, and math (point scoring) - Game can be played based on a time limit OR a winning score (so its allows flexibility of game playing time) - With the handicapping of winning scores based on skill level Syl-la-bles is one of the only games that is competitive for ALL different ages/skill levels - Game has won 4 awards: Canadian Toy Testing Council 3-Star rating (top rating) The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval Creative Child Magazine – Preferred Choice Award Learning Magazine’s Teacher’s Choice Award -Game sells well in educational retailers, HOWEVER, it also plays well for adults as a word game (like Scrabble), and a great family game and party game! -The game has a great strategy aspect to it, as players score more points for longer, more difficult words HOWEVER, they need to spell them correctly to score. 50 points for every syllable in the words, so players won’t score many points if they choose easy words. Finally here is a quote I received from the author of an upcoming article in World of Words after she played the game with a group of adult players: Forget everything you ever knew about spelling games. Syl-la-bles takes you way beyond letters in a game where Syllables count and you will never look at words this joyfully again! --Gloria Rosenthal President, World of Words Contributing Editor, Games magazine

Keywords: games, board games, word games, educational, family, toys

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