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By: Gift Goddess  09-12-2011
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About Gift Goddess’ Products

If our supplier has a website, we usually post a link to it, so if you are looking for a particular product, please let us know and we will do our best to order it for you. None of the Gift Goddess' suppliers sell directly to the public.

Gift Goddess wants to be sure you receive medical attention when you need it, so please be sure that you do not rely solely on any “alternative” products or healing methods, but go see your doctor or medical practitioner for formal medical advice.

About Monague Native Crafts

We carry a gorgeous Native American product line from Monague Native Crafts Ltd., a 100% Canadian, 100% Native American owned and operated, company in British Columbia with authentic Canadian Indian products. All products from this line will be identified as part of the Monague collection or as made by Monague and are authentic.

We carry items from several of Monague's lines, including Primitive Images, Pottery, Magical and their metaphysical line, the WAZA Collection with crystal Meditation Wands, Chakra globes and Goddess Jewelry.

Monague products appear in multiple categories and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You can visit a class="linkprimary" target="_blank" href="">Monague's website and if you see something you would like, let us know and, if possible, we will order it in for you (their website is not current at the moment). Monague does not sell directly to consumers.

Gift Goddess' gel candles are safe and non toxic. The gel is made from a combination of food grade mineral oil and a poly resin which gels the mineral oil. The gel is melted, colour and safe scent are added and then we hand pour your candle. As with most things, the quality of the parts determines the quality of the whole, all of our gels are vibrantly coloured and richly scented evenly throughout, not just on the surface. We searched and searched and tested and tested until we made a candle that met our high expectations in order to provide you with the best and safest candle possible. Then we improved it! We use the only patented candle gel on the market, Penreco’s Versagel, in all of our container gel candles, and we use Arizona Chemical's UniClear to make our transparent freestanding gel pillar candles. Gift Goddess' gel candles will not melt in transit, or even the trunk of your car, nor will our wick slip over to the side of the container. The gel stays firm, the wick stays put, and the fragrance is long lasting, many candles still throwing scent over two years later. We have now embedded a glass tealight holder in the gel, making these gels even safer and easier to care for! They will last forever and their beauty will not diminish with use.

In accordance with the Hazardous Products Act, we do not use leaded wicks, instead, we use a cotton wick with extra tension fibers added for rigidity, and if you keep the wick trimmed to just under ¼", the wick will consume itself completely and not fall into the candle. ALL of our candles, components and containers are tested extensively long before we offer them for sale to you. Gel candles themselves do not explode, however, inappropriate glassware can break as a result of the extreme heat generated by the candle flame, which is why we use only quality, first run, glassware. Poor manufacturing practices, such as using scents and colours which were not designed for use in gel, can cause potentially dangerous flare ups and air bubbles and flaws in cheap or recycled glass can cause breakage due to the heat. We use only quality ingredients meant for use in gel, our glassware can easily withstand heat of up to 1,700o F and we test, test, test.

Gel candles have been recalled, but not ours – and they never will be. By using quality gel designed for this purpose, scents specifically made for use in gel, ensuring they are properly combined before pouring AND the way that our wicks cannot come into contact with the glass, ours are truly well made candles, we guarantee it.

Bubbles in candle gel cause up to 40% more light to be thrown from the candle. They do not indicate poor quality gel or a poorly made candle. Gift Goddess can control, to some degree, the number of bubbles in the wine glass gels making the candle more resemble a true glass of wine. We make everything from a flat chardonnay to bubbly champagne.

Embedding objects in candles is pretty, but for your safety, we only use non flammable embeds. Also, any objects that we do embed are kept safely away from embedded decorations because the candle is in its own glass holder, away from embeds. If you own or use a candle with embeds which are becoming exposed in the melted pool of wax, extinguish the flame, wait for the wax to cool and gently remove the embedded object with tweezers or pliers so that it will not catch fire or break or topple over onto the wick, pushing the wick too close to the side.

Gift Goddess is the only gel candle manufacturer (that we're aware of) that will provide you with gel candle cleaning and repair instructions for your gel candle after your nephew (or uncle!) pokes his fingers into it! Gift Goddess offers maximum candle enjoyment, simply follow our usage guidelines and care instructions.

About Spring Rain Botanicals

Spring Rain Botanicals is a Canadian company which manufactures quality bath and body products for sale around the world. Their products are at least 99.6% natural and chemical free, completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable as well as being safe, gentle and effective on all skin types. Spring Rain’s products do contain a small amount of a mild botanical non-paraben preservative, giving them an unopened shelf life of five years. Without any preservatives at all, products only have a shelf life of about two weeks! For ultimate freshness, Spring Rain recommends using the products within one year of their being opened and suggests refrigeration to extend the life of your natural bath and body products. Tip: Keep your lotions refrigerated for a refreshing lift anytime!

Product Listing

This is a sampling of the products available in our e-Store: Attention Brides: We offer customized wine glass gel candles for use at weddings and as wedding favours and offer a free colour matching service!

Jewelry Sterling silver, gold, natural crystal, lampworked glass, custom made, Red Hat, Pink Hat, authentic Native American and custom made Middle Eastern pieces for belly dancers, including chain belt, drape and matching accessories.

Natural Skin products for those seeking an alternative to chemical laden bath and body products and those whose skin is sensitive to chemicals.

Our home décor collection includes vases, drinkware, dreamcatchers, handpainted glass, picture frames and many other unique decorative pieces from various suppliers.

Red Hat fashions and accessories include not only the popular Red Hat line, but also goodies for the Pink Hatters! What a great way to look forward to those “F” Birthdays! Pink hatters are those under 50 who live and love the Red Hat-itude!

Scents Available - We can access over 300 scents, but we have on hand at this time the following scents, which can be combined to create custom scents, such as Strawberry Vanilla or Kiwi Champagne:

  • Apricot Freesia Refreshing notes of citrus melt away to reveal the subtle, delicate blend of Freesia.
  • Buttercreamy Vanilla Golden butter infused with swirls of rich caramel fold into mounds of whipped cream sprinkled with shreds of coconut and droplets of maple syrup, mmm!
  • Champagne Celebrate with the scent of bubbling champagne.
  • Concord Grape The finest ripened wine grapes.
  • Cranberry Sweet, juicy & strong, just like real cranberries!
  • Draakar A perfect duplication of the popular men’s cologne.
  • Ginger Just like sweet, fresh ground ginger root.
  • Juniper Breeze A cool, refreshing, clean blend of juniper greens and berries.
  • Kiwi Sweet and juicy, this smells better than the real fruit!
  • Lavender This blend awakens you with notes of eucalyptus, lavender, & rose petals. Base notes of basil leaves & violets accented with patchouli.
  • Lemongrass Just like the lemongrass herb – a very fresh and clean scent. Excellent combined with Ginger.
  • Mulberry A classic holiday favourite.
  • Mulled Wine Warmed red wine with clove, cinnamon, rum and sugar.
  • Passion Fruit A sweet, tantalizing berry blend.
  • Pomegranate A mouthwatering fruit/berry scent.
  • Rain A fresh, slightly floral scent, perfect for weddings!
  • Spring Garden A floral combination, including Lily of the Valley, Rose and Gardenia, just like walking through a summer garden.
  • Strawberry Just like fresh picked strawberries.
  • Summer Breeze A romantic fragrance of tantalizing papaya and juicy mango blended with strong floral mid notes.
  • Sweet Napa Valley Wine Napa Valley's finest bouquet of sweet wine grapes.
  • Tropical Indulge the senses with this tropical scent that has notes of mandarin and key lime enticing you with mild blends of orange flower and jasmine. Contact Gift Goddess for information on other scents.

Keywords: Gel Candles, Glass, native american, Native Crafts

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Customize a product and special services information

Gift Goddess can assign a special order code for you to purchase through our shopping cart, or we can processes the payment via telephone, mail or e-mail. Send us a colour chip, swatch of fabric, ribbon, or anything else we can get an accurate colour from and we will make your candles to match. When you order custom gifts from us, you may not be able to process the payment through our shopping cart as a regular purchase.