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By: Qair  09-12-2011

At Q Air, we provide an extensive line of industrial-pollution control equipment to filter and/or eliminate any harmful particulate created during Dry applications, Wet applications, Explosive and Combustible process, Fume and Odor process. The extensive Q Air product line is one of the most efficient and cost effective with the market.

Please do not hesitate to contact just any one of the knowledgeable Q Air staff for any issues or concerns you may have regarding industrial-pollution control and/or any filtration issues in general.

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Air Cleaning Solutions - Sod Staple (Ground Clips) and Irrigation Staples

Sod Staple and/or Ground Clips are used to hold Sod, Ground Cloth, Landscaping Material Fabrics, Plastic Vapor Barriers, and wide range of other products in place. With in 7-14 days the lawn root system will grow over the Clip, increasing the strength and making it virtually invisible. Irrigation Staples are used to hold down Drip Tubing, water/soaker hoses, and all other irrigation equipment. Gage Clean Bright Wire thickness 0.144.