HMT Revenue Group - Overview

By: Hmt Revenue  09-12-2011

Trusting, effective relationships and a process that works for you

Once we assign one of our professional tax auditors to your business, we begin our process of ensuring that a direct, accurate, and trusting relationship ensues. The same auditor who conducts your review will revisit for successive reviews, answer your TaxLine calls, and serve as your advocate in the event of government assessment. This familiarity with your business, its operations, and your accounting staff will streamline the non-disruptive nature of our work.

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with our tax review. We strive to build a strong relationship with your organization through on-site customized seminars. Your tax specialist will share his/her insights on tax regulations and procedures specific to your business. As a result you’ll see immediate savings because your staff will know how to prevent overpayments.

Service Guarantee

At HMT, we stand behind our service. We offer all of our clients the 5 Point Service Guarantee. We guarantee:

  1. Provide excellent service based on integrity, honesty and sincerity.
  2. That all information obtained in our review will remain confidential.
  3. To provide you and your staff with The Power to Prevent Overpayment in the Future seminar at the conclusion of service to educate your staff on how to prevent overpayments and show you immediate savings.
  4. Assist you both during and after any Federal Sales and Excise Tax or Ontario Retail Sales Tax audits .
  5. Work with you until we have delivered the results we promised.

A History of Record-Breaking Refunds

No other tax consultancy has matched our refund record. Our hallmark file-by-file approach has uncovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax overpayments for our clients. No other tax consultant has a team of former government tax auditors with as many as 30 years experience in government tax departments.

Since 1982, we’ve led the industry in innovation, professionalism, and in our ability to find sales tax and other overpayments, even where our competitors have already performed an audit.