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By: Geomaple  09-12-2011
Keywords: Remote Sensing, image analysis, Satellite Imagery

Geomaple offers a wide range of geospatial and surveying products including LiDAR, Satellite imagery as well as GIS, image analysis and spatial modeling services:


LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an optical remote sensing technology that allows for cost-effective broad-scale collection of highly detailed and accurate terrain surface data. LIDAR technology has applications in Geomatics, archaeology, geography, geology, geomorphology, seismology, forestry, remote sensing and atmospheric physics.

Employing the most advanced LiDAR systems on the market, Geomaple delivers LiDAR data with high pulse rates, multiple returns per pulse, and superior absolute accuracies. Our strategy is to build quality control into the entire process through regular sensor calibration, detailed mission planning, thorough ground control, and a rigorous assessment of laser accuracy.

Satellite imagery

Geomaple works with all commercial satellite providers giving you access to the best solution for your area of interest. We can offer you multiple platforms to cover your area with the best quality and most cost effective imagery to suit your needs.


Geomaple offers services in data sampling, GIS analysis, and modeling using the acquired data. We can perform automated data sampling routines across generated LiDAR, thermal, or satellite images to provide databases used to analyze and model spatial patterns and processes of natural systems. GIS serviced can be used in forest inventory estimation, change detection, cross-sectional transect sampling and landslide evaluation.

Keywords: image analysis, Remote Sensing, Satellite Imagery, Spatial Modeling