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By: Ccr Technologies  09-12-2011

All of the supply lines for Natural Gas, Oxygen, Hydraulic Fluid and Water are carried on a retractable arm above the torch carriage, and all electrical components have been removed from the top of the torch carriage.

The torch is enclosed in a protective barrel which enables the tip to be changed if required during operation. The external-mixing design of the torch tip ensures that problems with splash-back and overheating are minimized, and that the quality of the cut itself is optimized.

Torch Tips

Post mix torches provide safety and reliability to the cutting operation. The EM-Series cutting tip provides increased yield savings with its patented nozzle design.

Torch Carriage and Return Arms

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Nozzle Change Systems CCR offers Tundish Nozzle Change Systems to provide improved control of the casting rate and safety with automatic start and stop control. Stopper Rod Systems Stopper rod pouring systems are designed for accurate flow control and automatic starts on the casting machine. Bellows Shrouds Tundish to Mould Bellows Shrouds help to ensure that cleaner steel is being cast compared to open-stream pouring.


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