By: Canadian Cremation Services Ltd  09-12-2011

How To Compare Prices and Services

We want you to be fully confident in your choice of Canadian Cremation Service & Canadian Burial Service.  To help make you more informed we want to advise you on how to make a proper comparison of prices and services.  The law requires that every part of a funeral contract be spelled out and the prices broken down into individual components parts of the services offered.  While the intention is to make you better informed, the result has often been that you become much more confused by all the terminology and varied prices.

The most meaningful comparison is the final total cost, including all taxes, outside costs, cash disbursements and fees.  Often our large international corporate competitors will try to dazzle you by quoting a low price that does not include the final fees for the Coroner’s Certificate, the GST, Registration and all required copies of the Proof of Death certificates.  Their quotes often have surprise additional costs that will boost their quoted price considerably.

Some service providers may advertise a low price for cremation.  The problem is it does not include transportation, registration, outside fees or TAX.  Let us help you make an informed decision .

Ontario Crematoria cremate one person at a time and they only cremate human remains; no animals are ever cremated in these units.  You are free to use any crematorium you select.

Our Burial plans do NOT include embalming or visitation periods in an expensive funeral home setting.  You do not pay for services you do not wish to have. Our Burial plans include a hearse to transfer the deceased to a cemetery with respect in a dignified manner.

Talk to us!  We promise that you will feel no pressure, no obligation of any kind.  We pledge to answer your questions fully and without hesitation.  No sales person will ever call or bother you.  That is our pledge to you.

Pre-need plans are fully price protected once paid in full.  If prices go up, you will not have to pay anything else.  If prices go down, we are required by law to refund the excess to your estate.

Thank you for visiting our web site.  If you have any further questions, our telephone is answered around the clock, and our staff is available anytime.

If you have a small group and wish to have an information session followed by a question and answer period, we are pleased to offer an interesting presentation that will answer your questions and information.

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This package includes registration of the death, and copies of the Proof of Death Certificate needed to settle most estate matters. **All cemetery charges, opening and closing costs, liners or vaults, are paid in advance by family. Some cemeteries require a grave liner or vault as part of their by-laws. There are no surprise charges.



This package includes our basic wood-tray container, full registration of the death, and copies of the Proof of Death Certificate needed to settle most estate matters. We have packaged all of the items you will need from our published price list to make this an easy decision to use our services. We will gladly quote a firm final price if you simply ask. There are extra charges for additional travel.



Monthly payment starts one month from date of signature, and will be automatically debited from your chequing account- a Void Cheque is required. Monthly Payment Plan Options:For your convenience, we have a monthly payment plan available for Pre-need Arrangements. All funds are held by TD-Canada Trust in Trust for the beneficiary of the plan. Down Payment is the total of all Cash Disbursements for the contract.