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Pet Surgery from Beattie Pet Hospital

By: Beattie Pet Hospital  29-04-2014
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Beattie Pet Hospital Pet Surgery Supports Your Pet's Health From spay and neuter surgery to emergency pet surgery, our Stoney Creek pet surgery team provides quality care that supports your pet’s health and well-being. At Beattie Pet Hospital, our veterinary care team understands that any surgical procedure can be a stressful experience for pets and their owners. Whenever possible, we choose minimally-invasive surgical methods that minimize pain and reduce recovery time. Whether your pet needs an elective procedure like orthopedic surgery or an emergency procedure, your pet is in good hands with the Beattie Pet Hospital surgical team. Spay & Neuter, Orthopedic Surgery, Emergency Surgery and More! Spaying or neutering a pet is one of the most routine surgical procedures performed at Beattie Pet Hospital. Spay and neuter procedures offer a number of health benefits for pets, including a reduced risk for certain cancers and health problems. Spay and neuter surgery also helps to control the unwanted animal population. We strongly recommend spaying and neutering puppies and kittens. If your pet is suffering pain due to arthritis or an orthopedic injury (like a cruciate ligament tear), orthopedic surgery can make a significant difference for your pet’s overall health. Orthopedic surgery can be complex with a lengthy recovery period; consequently, we closely consult with pet owners prior to any surgery to ensure these procedures are the right choice for pets. For many pets, however, orthopedic surgery is essential to bringing mobility back to their lives and reducing chronic pain. Cancer is one of the most common health problems affecting pets. If our vet suspects that your pet has cancer, a biopsy is necessary to confirm this diagnosis. We will take samples of the suspected tumor tissue. Depending on the type of cancer, our surgical team may perform a needle biopsy, punch biopsy, or curate biopsy. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, our surgical team may also remove cancerous tumors and lumps. In addition to elective procedures like spaying and neutering, our Stoney Creek pet surgery team also provides emergency surgery. Emergency surgery may be necessary following gastric torsion, blunt force trauma, or foreign object ingestion. Using the latest diagnostic technology, our Beattie Pet Hospital team will promptly identify your pet’s health problem and take the necessary steps to immediately address it. Prior to any surgical procedure, we conduct full diagnostic blood work, ensuring the safe administration of anesthesia. Throughout the procedure, we carefully monitor your pet’s vital signs. After the operation, pets are kept in our post-op recovery suite where their immediate recovery is monitored as the anesthesia wears off. When pets are ready to go home, our Stoney Creek pet surgery team will first discuss the recovery process in detail with pet owners. Pets are sent home with pain medication. Depending on the procedure, we may schedule follow-up visits at Beattie Pet Hospital to ensure a smooth recovery and healing process. To learn more about Stoney Creek pet surgery at Beattie Pet Hospital, contact our veterinary care team at 289-639-5600.

Keywords: 24 Hour Emergency Pet Care

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