Pet Hospital Anesthesia and Surgery

Pet Hospital Anesthesia and Surgery from Beattie Pet Hospital

By: Beattie Pet Hospital  29-04-2014
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Our experienced veterinary staff at Beattie Pet Hospital in Stoney Creek offers a variety of anesthesia and surgery options for your pets. Drawing from over 50 years of experience of providing quality and compassionate full-service veterinary care for your cats and dogs, we are happy to offer animal surgical procedures when your pet requires it. Beattie Pet Hospital allows us to serve an even greater number of pet owners and their beloved cats and dogs. We are open 24 hours a day to meet the needs of your pets. While we focus on wellness appointments for preventative measures, we also provide pet anesthetic and surgical procedures when your pet requires them. Each veterinarian on our staff, along with each of our vet techs and assistants, is qualified and experienced to provide competent care for your pet surgery. We focus on not only precise surgical care using laser technology and compassionate post-surgery care, but we also use the most modern techniques that will make healing and recovery faster and more comfortable. We also provide separate surgical and intensive care units for cats and dogs. Anesthesia and Pet Surgery Options at Beattie Pet Hospital At Beattie Pet Hospital, you can choose from routine pet surgeries, such as spay and neuter, as well as tumor removals, and orthopedic surgeries. We anesthetize your pets prior to surgery, for added comfort. We use laser technology for precision, as well as to reduce swelling and bleeding. It's best to schedule a pet spay procedure for your female cat or dog if you do not plan to breed her. This procedure removes her uterus and ovaries, to eliminate any chances of pregnancy occurring. Choose a neuter surgery for your male cat or dog, to prevent him from impregnating another animal, and producing an unwanted litter. This procedure not only castrates your pet, but has also shown to facilitate positive behavioral changes, such as making your dog calmer and eliminating the spraying action of cats to mark territory. If your pet has any kind of suspicious lump or tumor, we can perform surgery to remove it. We also offer C-sections for emergency birthing issues, exploratory surgeries, and more complex surgical procedures if the situation requires it. Our variety of pet orthopedic surgeries includes options to reset broken bones, as well as perform surgery or joint replacements for hips and knees. Emergency pet surgeries may be necessary following injuries such as those occurring in car accidents, or ingestion of poison or chocolate. If you have an emergency situation, please bring your pet in immediately. If you have questions or concerns about veterinary care for your pets, or need to make an appointment with a veterinarian on our staff for your pet's anesthesia and surgery, please call us today at 289-639-5600 at our Stoney Creek. We offer two locations for your convenience, and we look forward to serving you and your pets, especially for their surgical needs.

Keywords: 24 Hour Emergency Pet Care

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