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By: Potencia  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cooling, Datacenter


Power and cooling are critical infrastructure components to your datacenter and facility environments. A properly designed infrastructure is necessary if Facilities and IT Managers are to attain the level of availability they require for the systems that are built upon this infrastructure. The good news is that a wise selection of power and cooling systems can mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime for your data and facility environments.

Every kW of load bearing equipment you place within your datacenter impacts directly upon your power and cooling infrastructure. One of the more common areas overlooked in facility management is the day to day oversight of the power and cooling. Awkward or poor systems integration can result in difficult monitoring and management procedures for your power and cooling infrastructure. This ultimately results in being behind the "8-ball" one day, where you very close to that point of having an excess of demand over supply. Do not make the mistake many make in this area by looking at systems monitoring and management as an afterthought. How easily you can monitor and manage your power and cooling will have much to do with how effective these functions are carried out. This will in turn be a tool, or a stumbling block, when it comes to looking at the current health of your site, as well as requisite planning initiatives for future needs in these areas.

There are a multitude of questions to be asked when looking at an infrastructure development project for your IT or facility infrastructure. Rapid acceleration in the development of technology insures that we must look at these questions more often than we did fiften years ago. At any point in time, however, the issue is whether the right questions are being asked. At Potencia we strive to make sure our customers are aware of the questions that need to be asked concerning their power and cooling infrastructure. There are some questions that remain constant across all times, while there are others that depend very much upon your specific environment, or the state of technology. It is thusly our job to be aware of current best practices, available technology, and future trends and developments.

At Potencia Technologies we work with a number of different manufacturers in the areas of power and cooling. The reasons for this are quite simple..each manufacturer has it's strengths, as well as weaknesses.A big part of our job involves being aware of the strengths and weaknesses associated with the different products on the market. This is what will enable us to recommend the right solution for your needs, whether you are looking at power protection, distribution, cooling, or the monitoring and management of your datacenter and facility infrastructure components.

Keywords: Cooling, Datacenter

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Potencia Technologies is involved in data center and facility environments on a daily basis, and as such we are able to keep up on the latest "Best Practices" trends and technologies you need to utilize to insure the continuity of your operations.