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By: Databridge Digital  09-12-2011

The demand for media of all types—music, movies, games, streaming news, quotes and more—is enormous and growing rapidly. Keeping up with this challenge, supplying content in all the popular formats without damaging infrastructure is the key to growth and success. We enable file distribution for most popular media types.

Databidge Digital can provide a quicker and more cost-effective global solution than CD/DVD distribution.

Delivering software to the end-user, patches to remote offices, bug fixes to your customers. The need for high speed secure distribution has never been more pressing. We provide global high speed distribution for all your software requirements. We can distribute to named users (either with or without log on id and passwords), broadcast through either e-mail or document from your web site or ours without using up your bandwidth and infrastructure resources.

Databridge Digital can supply your custom software needs while reducing your server, administration and bandwidth requirements for software distribution.

We offer a complete and diverse line of CD/DVD media related services for business applications.

Databridge Digital can fulfill all of your CD/DVD reproduction, packaging, kitting and shipping needs regardless of order size. Plus, we are your best source for all CD, DVD, duplication, optical media supplies, duplication equipment, data storage, and back up needs.


Let us know your special needs, we can devise distribution plans to fit your particular projects. We have the expertise and experience to fulfill most special requirements.

The products and services we offer will meet the requirements of all your media projects. Databridge Digital - your total electronic distribution solution.