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By: Jilmarpet Kennels  09-12-2011

Throughout their life a dog requires social structure and leadership. Training teaches your dog what is acceptable and what is expected of him. Through training you will be able to establish a bond with your dog and teach him/her right from wrong. A trained dog knows who the leader (Alpha) is and understands his role in the household.

What we offer

  • Flexible options as we can conduct private lessons at our facility or at your home tailored to your schedule - flexible hours/days available.
  • We tailor lessons to your specific needs to enable your dog to adapt to various environments
  • We will solve your dog's behavioral problems which may range from unnecessary barking, biting, and other unacceptable behaviours.
  • All lessons are 1 hour in duration.

Obedience (basic) - You will learn how to teach your dog to respect the leash.

Your dog will learn on leash:

  • Heeling (walking beside you)
  • Sitting when owner stops
  • Sit and sit-stay
  • Down and down-stay
  • Stand and stand-stay
  • Recall (return to you on command)

Obedience (advanced) - Your dog will learn to work off leash.

Tracking - Tracking for both sport and service dogs.

Protection - Protection for sport dogs and personal service dogs. Not all dogs can do this type of work. It takes a dog with stable nerves, good temperament and good drives to be a suitable candidate for protection training. We will first asses your dog's potential. Your dog must have completed obedience training as a prerequisite. Control is a must when training in protection. He/she will learn to work on command. Your dog will learn to recognize a threat and react accordingly.

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