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By: Cantec Security  09-12-2011
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All employees of Cantec Security Services are fully bonded and highly trained professionals dedicated to protecting your best interests while on duty. All guards are given specialized training in the areas they work in, unique to the environment they are hired to protect.

All guards under the employment of Cantec Security receive comprehensive training which remains on going through their careers at Cantec. Guards are updated in the ever changing world of security to ensure your needs as a client, are met.
All of our guards are taught and trained to think around corners and solve disputes through verbal communication. Respect and courtesy are held in the highest regard by all of our security professionals.

In the event that your alarm system has been triggered, it is important that a trained professional attends to the call forthwith. Cantec Security will provide you with a staff of highly trained specialists to meet these needs.
A uniformed guard will attend your residence or business in a timely manner from the time of dispatch in a uniformed vehicle. Guards will conduct a thorough investigation to discover the cause of the alarm and respond as necessary.
Our service provides cost effective, reliable, and trustworthy service for all of your alarm needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transporting cash can be a dangerous business for the common person. Cantec Security offers a superior service of cash escorts across the Niagara Region. Specially trained security guards will pick up your cash and deliver it to a financial institution of your choice in a secure reliable manner. All guards who perform duty as a cash escort officer receive specialty training in cash handling/officer safety procedures.

Cantec Security is equipped with a fleet of both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles to meet your security needs. A mobile patrol can serve as a cost efficient measure to detour theft and vandalism from your property.
By your request, uniformed guards can visit your property to whatever frequency specified. Random spot checks of your property can significantly reduce property crime and give you a piece of mind that your property is in good hands in your absence.

Our company offers an unsurpassed investigative team with years of law enforcement experience in both the private sector and public policing. Our investigators are highly trained skilled professionals who can help you resolve some of the most challenging issues you are experiencing.

Some of the services offered are as listed below:

  • Infidelity claims: Do you have cause or concern that a loved one may be acting in a way which is disloyal? Our investigative team will gather conclusive evidence which may dispute or confirm your beliefs.

  • Background investigations: Cantec can provide you with a comprehensive background check on an employee, business associate etc.

  • Covert employee program: Internal theft, alcohol/drug abuse can be a difficult issue to detour. These problems can also be extremely detrimental to a business. Cantec security can offer you a trained investigator to work in your business as a standard employee. The investigator then gathers evidence on an internal basis. This has proven to be an excellent investigative procedure for our clients with a definitive track record of success.

  • Insurance Fraud: Fraudulent insurance claims can be a costly problem for employers. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), insurance fraud is one of the most costly white collar crimes in Canada . Cantec’s investigators can save employers thousands of dollars in lost revenue as a direct result of catching dishonest employees in the act of insurance fraud.

  • Loss Prevention: According to University of Florida criminologist Richard C. Hollinger, Ph.D., who directs the National Retail Security Survey, retailers lost 1.7 percent of their total annual sales to inventory shrinkage last year. The surveyed portion of the retail economy transacts over $1.845 trillion dollars annually, making the loss worth over $31.3 billion. Our trained investigators can help retail companies circumvent theft by catching suspects in the act of theft and placing them under arrest. Our investigators are also trained in detecting internal theft along with interview/interrogation techniques.
    All Loss Prevention investigators have a post-secondary education and are highly trained in the application of law and use of force procedures.

Cantec Security has been an industry leader in special event security in the Niagara Region for over 10 years. Our company’s proven track record of success will ensure your special event will be safe and fun for all of those who attend your event.

Cantec Security is an official member of the Festival and Special Events Industry in Ontario and will cater our staff to meet your events needs.

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