By: Brittles N More  09-12-2011
Keywords: Candies, Chocolates, Gourmet Fudge

Wholesale fudge, brittles, beernuts, caramel bars, chocolates, sponge toffee, turkish delights, hard candies by Brittles 'n More. Quality gourmet fudge sold to retailers across Canada


Other confections made in our Candy Kitchens to satisfy your sweet tooth include:
Turkish Delight, Caramel Bars, Candy Apples and even Caramel Apples!

And there's lots more you won't want to miss, like our maple products,
sugar free candies and chocolates, saltwater taffy, old fashioned and retro candies,
delicious bagged candies, assorted plush and Webkinz products.

Keywords: Candies, Chocolates, Gourmet Fudge, Turkish Delights,