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Green Investments from Costa Rica Tree Lots

By: Costa Rica Tree Lots   13-12-2015
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In addition to the teak tree plantation, we are also committed to the use of organic farming methods, reforestation, and the protection of the abundant flora and fauna and various wildlife, including macaws, toucans, butterflies, deer, monkeys, and wild pigs, to name a few. The macaws nest near the teak trees and feed on the teak tree seeds. Other benefits from the reforestation include: · Prevention of primary forest deforestation. · The release of oxygen into the environment. · Absorption of carbon dioxide from the environment. · The creation of jobs for local families. Countries around the world, driven by environmental concern for the devastation of tropical rain forests, are banning the importation of tropical hardwoods including teak unless they come from sustained yield sources. The farm consists of 300 hectares (740 acres) of land and was previously deforested due to cattle ranching practices. In order to help the environment, the farm has been reforested with 180 hectares of teak trees and the remaining 120 hectares of land has been allowed to regenerate to its original bio-diversity. Teak plantations absorb large quantities of greenhouse gases. It is estimated that each cubic meter of tree growth absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide per year. Each acre would approximately process 200 tons of carbon dioxide per year. The farm has not had in the past, nor are there any current plans to ever use, any chemical pesticides or herbicides on the plantation whatsoever, and no plans for the use of any heavy equipment to harvest the lumber. We will continue to operate in an environmentally conscious manner and expand our process to reclaim surrounding deforested areas as well.

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