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By: Techsonthego  07-10-2010
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We are a Canadian owned and operated Company. Our primary goal is to get your computer system up and running with the least amount of downtime. Services and support is based on our years of combating computer related issues. We provide on-site services to both home users and commercial customers. Give us a call and we will make every effort to give you the local service you want and deserve. Techsonthego is a service company based on computer repair technicians ranging from the basic computer repairs to the in depth hard to solve issues. We strive in getting to the root of the issue the first time and saving not only time but money. Here at Techsonthego we are changing the way the end user uses computer repair service companies by making sure your issue is solved right the first time. We are a group of well trained and certified computer repair technicians that pool our knowledge and solve the issue one tech or a group will take the time to get your issue resolved. Whether it be a operating system video card, hard drive or main board we have the tools and know how to solve that small or large problem. Techsonthego is built from homegrown talent and technologists that we are thriving to be the best in the country. When new technology is on the forefront we get to know the ins and outs and get retrained when we need to be retrained. So if you have that small problem or large issue that you can’t get fixed then call the people that can fix that problem right the first time with a guarantee of service second to none. We not only will fix the problem but give you a written guarantee when service is complete. We also keep records of all services to be able to help you in the future if anything else may go wrong. So Call Techsonthego now and save time and money. Techsonthego 287-271-1225 and get that issue fixed today.
The services we provide at Techsonthego are backed by only the most skilled repair technicians in the computer service industry. Unlike many of our competitors, our number one priority is the service we provide; we are focused on providing you, the valued customer, the best service for your damaged desktop or laptop computers, rather than selling products off a shelf.

We have technicians that deal specifically with many common computer software problems ranging from slow responding windows and programs, to file recovery and networking. As well as very qualified hardware repair technicians specializing in upgrading machines, and repairing anything from keyboards and power jacks, to screens and motherboards.

We deal with the frustrations of corrupt files and viruses on a regular bases at Techsonthego and know the quickest and most efficient ways of getting rid of these malicious problems once and for all. Infected computers are no match for our repair team, not only can we get rid of those annoying pop-ups and error messages for good, we do so without losing any of your precious documents, pictures, music, and movies. We’re just that good.

Computer networking has never been as popular as it is today, we at Techsonthego know how nice it is to be able to access your pictures, music, movies, and work from any computer in your house or office; that’s why we make sure our technicians not only know how to make your life easier, they enjoy doing it. We repair and maintain networks very regularly and will settle for nothing but the best setup for your unique configuration. Our techs ensure that you will have a very quick, secure network that will continue to be reliable by the time they leave.

There is no problem our repair technicians cannot solve, even the dreaded loss of important financial information, records, or those very sentimental family photos can be retrieved. Unfortunately, not everyone comes to us first, and we hear it a lot about some of our competitors, “We brought it to them and they only made it worse!”, we can clean up the mess, and stop at nothing to bring a smile to your face.

We’ve dealt with a wide variety of customers including businesses, families, and even other technicians and have developed a reputation of quality and assurance that we continue to try to surpass.
* PC / Mac repair
* Software resale
* Server setup and retail
* General Troubleshooting
* Computer consultation
* Network security analysis
* Computer, laptop, and server repair
* PC / laptop Troubleshooting
* Upgrades to all computers and laptops
* Payment plans for businesses
* Virus & Spyware removal
* Network setup and security (cabled / wireless)
* Software troubleshooting and/or installation
* Backup systems setup and retail
* Web Design and hosting services

* Search engine optimization services
* Hardware diagnosis repair or replacement
* Computer cleanings – physically remove dust
* LCD, laptop jack repair and replacement
* Retail of batteries and chargers for laptops
* Hardware sales
* Hardware installation / setup
* Pickup / Drop off services
* On site computer repair and/or setup
* Relocation of Computer systems
* OS updates and/or upgrades and/or installation
* After hour repairs – emergency repairs
* Data recovery services
* Wi-Fi Setup and installation
* and MORE!

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