Rittenhouse | Thermo Heated Hose

By: Rittenhouse  09-12-2011

Both Models of these Thermal Heated Hoses are easy to use. Just plug it in. The hose will be heated up and ready to use in just twenty minutes. The Thermal Heated Hose will be a flexible ice-free hose that is ready to use all winter long. With standard 3/4" garden hose threaded fittings. Both of these Thermal Heated Hose come with Easy Turn glove-friendly grip adapters on the female ends of the hose. This makes them easier to attach to your outside water faucets without taking off your gloves.  Prevents hose from freezing.

Keeps water flowing well below freezing. Both Models come with a 2 year warranty. Important: like all outdoor power equipment, these heated hoses should only be used in conjunction with a GFCI electrical outlet. The electric cord for these heated hose is 6 feet long, you can use an extra extension cord with this heated hose if you do not have an electrical outlet that is near your water source. (THE PLUG END HAS THE THERMOSTAT IN IT AND MUST BE PLUGGED INTO AN OUTLET THAT IS EXPERIENCING THE SAME OUTSIDE TEMPERATURES AS THE HOSE )

You can put two Heated Hoses together but each section will require it's own extension cord.  The extension cord should be a high end outdoor cord with low resistance.  The thermostat end for each must be outside in the same weather as the hose. The end attachment such as wand or water guns must be removed when not in use and the hoses must be unattached from the tap and from each other. Each Heated Hose can be left plugged into their GFCI controlled power outlet. If they are unplugged then each must be plugged in for twenty minutes each time before they are to be used to warm them up before the water flows through them.

The Thermo Heated Hose will keep the water flowing below Zero Degrees F.  We have seen it work at -13 Degrees F.  The Thermo Heated Hose has been tested in freezers to -30 Degrees F.
Thermostatically controlled to maintain temperature of 45 Degrees F.
60' Length; 5/8" double-wall rubber and PVC hoses uses 2.09 amps.
40" Length; 5/8" double-wall rubber and PVC hose uses 1.66 amps
Solid brass couplings, standard garden hose attachments
Quality, double walled hose
Turns itself off during warmer weather

MET Listed
Not FDA approved for potable water

Disconnect from water source when not in use.

Uses around the Farm and Home:
Filling Hot tubs
Filling ponds & water gardens
Cleaning dog kennels
Great around the barn
Handy around the job site
Flooding Outdoor Ice Rink
Watering Horses

Also used to water an outdoor hockey rink or skating rink. For any watering application outdoors in the winter months. Or indoors in an unheated area such as a barn, garage or storage building. Great for construction sites that require water outside.

Thermostatically controlled 5/8" double-wall PVC or Rubber Hose.

Heated Hose

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