15 gallon Drum Heater / Drum Powerblanket

By: Rittenhouse  09-12-2011

Avoid using hazardous heating belts and warmer ovens and upgrade to the Powerblanket Drum heater.  The Powerblanket 15 gallon Drum Heater is an innovative heating blanket that makes warming your drums and barrels easier. The Powerblanket drum heaters are available in four sizes and two different models: Professional, which comes with a thermostat that can be set to any temperature up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degree Fahrenheit model that features Rapid Ramp technology that allows the blanket to reach the 100 degree point quicker.

The Powerblanket Drum and Barrel heaters are available in 55 gallon, 30 gallon, 15 gallon and 5 gallon sizes to fit and wrap drums, barrels and pails of those sizes.

-Insulated wrap around design to evenly spread heat throughout material in the drum, barrel or pail
-heat spreading technology reduces wattage needed to achieve optimal heat
-Adjustable straps for a secure fit

Common uses: Drum Heater, Barrel Heater, Food Warming, Gas and Oil Heater, Paint Warmer

The Thermostatic Controller on the Professional model allows you easy control of the temperature of you drum, barrel or pail contents up to 160 degrees.  This controller will ensure that temperature is constant and remains at a safe level, while preventing overshoot, burning or over-heating of the material.


15 gallon Rapid Ramp: 100 degrees F, 120V 160/320W 1.33A/2.67A
15 gallon Professional: up to 160 degrees F, thermostatic controller, 120V 400W 3.33A

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