By: Profit Warrior  09-12-2011
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ATM Machines are rapidly becoming a neccessity. Initially only banks placed "off site" ATMs in retail locations. With the introduction of our low cost privately owned ATMs, retail owners can profit. The reason merchants choose our program over others is our low cost, reliable equipment, great customer service and big profits to our retail partners. The combination of our warranty and service package offers you an advantage to stay up with or surpass the competition, while making money and streamlining your business.

"Every time a client accesses their account using your machine, a fee is payable directly to YOU"

  • An ATM may increase your sales as much as 25%.
  • ATM customers spend an verage of 20% to 25% more than non-ATM customers.
  • 60% of the population ages 25-34 and 51% ages 25-49 use ATM machines 8 times per month.
  • The average ATM transation is $55.00.
  • The most popular day for ATM use is Friday.
  • 30% to 40% of the cash dispensed from the ATM will be used to purchase from the retailer.
  • Nightlubs and bars are seeing 70% to 80% of the dispensed cash staying at the club.
  • Chartered Bank ATMs average 3,400 transactions per month

If you have a retail based business that accepts cash from customers, we think YOU DO. I am sure you have noticed most corporate chains and even many of your competitors have installed ATMs. On site services such as ATMs are rapidly becoming a necissity in today's retail enviroment. With our low cost ATM solutions you have an opportunity to move ahead of your slower competition into this new profit center. The real question is not if your need an ATM, but what will you do without one?

  1. Purchase (You Buy ATM)
    Earn the most money by buying the ATM, filling the cash and being responsible for running your own ATM program, with our assistance.
  2. Placement (We Buy ATM)
    Earn up to 50% of the gross proceeds rom the ATM by being responsible for some of the ATM operations such as cash fill and phone line.
  3. Turn Key (We Do It All)
    Have an ATM placed at your business as a convenience to your patrons with few resposiblites on your part, usually your only responsibility is the phone line.

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Keywords: ATM

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It allows patrons access to their money from any qualifying bank in the world and it also allows your patrons to pay you with funds available directly and immediately from their bank or credit card accounts. Upon your client requesting to purchase any of your products from you with a Udebit cardU, you choose the purchase amount, your client o.k.s the amount, o.ks the terminal fee, the cash back fee and any tips.



Profit Warriors makes no warranty or representation regarding projected revenue or expenses of operating an ATM. Based on 20% of withdrawn cash being spend at your location. Based on 7% of monthly patrons using your ATM. Based on 10% of gross sales as profit.