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Keywords: Minerals, Filtration, Reverse Osmosis

    HOW IT WORKS - Ceramic sterilization filter Stage 1
Sediment Removal - Commercial grade sediment filter. Sediment filtration extracts suspended sediment, dirt, rust, silt and sand ranging from filtration of 20 microns down to 5 microns. Reduces particles 8 times smaller than what the naked eye can see. Stage 2
Carbon Block Filter - High efficiency pre-filter removes Chlorine, reduces or removes Pesticides, Nitrates, Herbicides, Tastes, Odor, and disinfection by-products (Chloramines, THM, TCE), Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C). Stage 3
Ion Exchange Resin Filter - Removes hard water minerals through an ion exchange process. Intended to prevent hard water scaling and staining on the R.O. membrane that are caused by inorganic calcium, magnesium, and soluble iron. Greatly increases the working life of the membrane. Stage 4
Reverse Osmosis Membrane - This semi-permeable membrane filters and rejects tiny impurities, colloid, heavy metal, dissolvable solids, germs and other harmful substances. Virtually only water molecules and dissolved oxygen can pass through the membrane. The rejected contaminants are flushed to drain. The product water is essentially nothing but high quality, low TDS water. Stage 5
Ceramic Sterilization Filter - This 0.5 micron ceramic filter is an added assurance your water is safe to consume. Should anything ever happen to contaminate the system before this filter, it simply filters out any health hazard. It requires no chemicals or electrical power to make it work. It can be easily cleaned or replaced for ongoing peace of mind. Final sterilization in the R.O. purification system. Test results show: E.Coli - Removes 100%, Salmonella - Removes 99.99 %, Flow Rate @ 3 Bar 5 liters per/minute, Filtration Efficiency @ 0.5 Microns - removes 99.99%, Turbidity Test Reduction - Removes 99.99 %, Stage 6
Post Activated Carbon Filter - This carbon filter treats only R.O. water so it does an excellent job of “polishing” any Volatile Organic Compounds (V.O.C), Pesticides, Nitrates, Herbicides, Tastes, Odor, and disinfection by-products (chloramines, THM, TCE) that may have slipped through the membrane, plus, absorbs any odors that may come from the pressure storage tank. This filter gives water a clean refreshed taste on the way to your tap.Stage 7
Remineralizing Filter - Adds healthy minerals back into the water in a form the body can ingest; also raises the pH of the water. Plus the added minerals improve the flavour of the water so it is not flat tasting.
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Keywords: Filtration, Minerals, Reverse Osmosis, Sediment

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