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By: Offsite Industries  09-12-2011

Offsite Industries Ltd. is ISO/TS-16949:2002 registered, which is a very high standard required by the Automotive Industry. This ensures that all processes are strictly monitored for quality, safety, cost and finish. All variable parameters are recorded for batch to batch consistency. This same quality policy is applied to the entire customer base, whether it is a one-off product for a person off the street, or a regular high-volume customer.

Offsite Ind. also offers Quality Inspection of parts for customers, based on specified tolerances, physical imperfections, or any criteria set by the customer. Required reports will be submitted at specified intervals. Inventory controls will be maintained, and documentation in the form of labels, bar-coded or otherwise, could be provided.

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Other products and services from Offsite Industries


Batch Powder Coating

Unusual products are thermally profiled prior to curing, to ensure sufficient cure for the heaviest areas. Work of a short-term or long-term nature is accepted, as is, a one-off item or several thousands. The same stringent quality controls are exercised for this process too. The batch powder system could accommodate parts 25’ by 8’ by 9’.



OSI?s specialty is powder coating of ferrous and non-ferrous metals that can withstand curing temperatures up to 500º F. Parts are hung on our high production conveyor system consisting of a stage process. Thermal cleaning of painted ferrous metal items, paint hooks / racks etc. can be stripped by our Thermal cleaning process. Offsite Industries utilizes Magnetic Particle Inspection process designed for forged and ferrous metals.



Offsite has a long history of cleaning soiled Totes and Trays, and our reputation in this field for service has been drawing attention in several industries. Here too, as in the case of all products handled by Offsite, items are received in bulk, cleaned, warehoused and shipped on demand. Our Sand-Blast/Glass-Bead machine is available for other parts, which may be rusted or too delicate to be shot-blasted.


Sub Assemblies

Has skilled staff to undertake the assembly of components, harnesses, and complete products, using components provided by the customer. Welding and construction of smaller products, using jigs and fixtures to ensure accuracy and repeatability, is a frequent undertaking. Stringent quality control methods are adopted to ensure customers’ requirements are met.


Thermal Cleaning

Thermal cleaning of painted ferrous metal items, paint hooks / racks etc. can be stripped by our Thermal cleaning process. Parts could be further cleaned by, either hot chemical cleaning or by glass beading, which is also done in-house. Sensitive to heat could be cleaned by our other processes.