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By: Mcgillivray & Associates Ot4kids  09-12-2011
Keywords: school, Motor Skills, Sensory Processing

We work with families and teachers to promote the success and development of:

  • Daily Living Skills - Feeding, dressing, personal hygiene, daily routines and chores
  • School Performance - Written communication (printing, writing, keyboarding), attention, organizational skills, fine motor skills and self-confidence
  • Play Skills - Gross and fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills and social/emotional development
  • Self Regulation - Sensory processing skills, self-monitoring, behaviour management, attention and motivation
  • Social Skills - Self-awareness, social understanding and social interaction


  • Standardized testing and/or informal observations are used to determine the issues underlying the child’s difficulty in the areas of self-care, play and school related activities.


  • Direct intervention is provided on an individual basis or within a group setting to promote skill development, success and functional independence in the areas identified by the family and/or school.

Treatment Areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills - Ability to manipulate objects for play, self-care and school-related activities. Skills may address muscle strength, eye-hand coordination and dexterity.
  • Gross Motor Skills - Ability to move, play and explore the environment safely. Skills may include muscle strength, postural control, balance and motor planning.
  • Visual Perceptual Skills - Ability to interpret what is seen and to coordinate the motor output. These skills provide the foundation for early literacy and math skills, including printing and copying from the blackboard.
  • Sensory Processing Skills - Ability to process information received through our senses and to use the information to organize our behaviour. This skill affects all areas of functioning – most importantly, the ability to manage our behaviour and emotions.
  • Organizational Skills - Ability to plan, sequence and execute daily activities in an organized manner. Skills include attention, memory, sequencing, motor planning and higher cognitive functioning.


  • Education and training are provided to the family on an ongoing basis. Consultation is available with other community members as necessary.

Keywords: Motor Skills, school, Sensory Processing

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