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By: Kare And Hope  09-12-2011
Keywords: Herb, Liver

Kare & Hope Milk Thistle was selected for study in conjunction with AIDS DRUG

The quality of life for many HIV patents is supported by a well-known herb called Milk thistle. HIV is a very serious condition, which can require a potent drug called Indinavir. This particular anti HIV medication has helped many people suffering with this condition, but it can cause liver toxicity. Many individuals have started to use Milk Thistle to help manage the liver toxicity. This in theory is wonderful idea but it is known fact that some herbs and pharmaceuticals drugs may have some very harmful side effects. The question is does Milk thistle and Indinavir have a negative effect when taken together.

            In study done in Canada and presented at XV International AIDS Conference, 2004 , Sixteen health males were put on a 3-month trial period. They were put into two groups. The one group took milk thistle the other did not. All participants received Indinavir. The Milk thistle group received 456 mg milk thistle 3 times a day away from meals starting on day 2 of the trial stopping on day 30. After running many tests through out the test period the results showed that Milk Thistle did not appear to significantly alter plasma concentrations of indinavir.

Due to the importance of this study the Milk Thistle chosen had to meet the follow criteria, consistency of active ingredient, dose, number of tables in bottle and cost. The products chosen to test were all available from health food stores in downtown Toronto. After The University of Ottawa analyzed many products the winner was the Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum) from Kare and Hope Inc.

Kare and Hope Inc. is Canadian manufacture, which was been in business since 1989 and is 100% Canadian company. Kare and Hope were very proud to be chosen for this study, as health and wellness has always been very important to this company. They are especial proud of their Milk thistle because they truly understand the positive effects this herb has on the liver. The liver is the largest organ and performs more functions than any other single organ of the body. It is the body’s master detoxifier and cleanses the system of environmental toxins and metabolic wastes. The word liver means to live and the importance of the liver should not be overlooked due to the vital role it plays. By taking Milk Thistle the liver receives valuable nutrients which can helps protect the liver from harmful chemical compounds, helping to keep the body in a health state.

Ref: Milk Thistle and Indinavir: A randomized controlled pharmacokinetics study and Meta-analysis 2005 Mar, 61(1): 1-7.Epub 2005 Jan 22. PMID: 15666173

Keywords: Herb, Liver

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