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By: Johnston T. School  25-09-2010
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Johnston Tutorial School was founded in the summer of July 2008, by Ms. M. Dolores Bonilla. Ms. Bonilla's vision for the school began as a focus to specialize and assist children who struggle or advance in core subjects and/or behavioural attitudes. The goal of the school would be to individualize programs for each student, so that each student would experience success academically, socially and emotionally.

Ms. Bonilla's inspiration for the school was Dr. A. Arthur Johnston and his wife Verna who, in their lifetime, lived differently, lived selflessly and lived for God. As a reminder for the love and care that they shared for others, Ms. Bonilla decided to dedicate the name of the school to a family that humbly dedicated their lives to further the kingdom of God, by helping the world around them.


Children are a gift from God”

           -- Psalm 127:3


Johnston T. School is a service for children that live and cope with learning diversities. These diversities range anywhere from extremely advanced and gifted students, to moderate and normal students and finally, for students who are struggling with core subjects because of a learning disability or a behavioural attitude. Here at Johnston T. School, we recognize and understand the importance of each child and their different academic and social needs. Therefore, in order to cater to each individual need, the Staff at Johnston is trained to academically assess students and they strongly believe in small classroom sizes.



The school is located in Full Gospel Church on 376 Carlton Street, in St. Catharines. Our space at Full Gospel Church is quite vast, allowing the students the opportunity to learn in classrooms and play within and outside of school grounds. With such open space, monitored by staff, the students are given a safe environment where they can feel relaxed and comfortable to perform their daily tasks and interact with fellow students and teachers.


The school offers full day, individual courses and academic programs to students from Junior Kindergarten through the Grade 12 levels. The programs offered, are based on the Ontario Curriculum. Enrolment is offered year round to all prospectus students. We also extend our enrolment to International students and provide arrangements for accommodations.


The school offers to parents and/or guardians, extra care services. We offer before and after school care, between the hours of 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM and from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM. The before and after school care is provided for an additional fee for those who need and desire this service.


Here at Johnston, staff encourage and welcome involvement from all parents and/or guardians. We have an “open door” policy- where parents and/or guardians, have the opportunity to come and observe their child in their academic and social atmospheres. Any volunteer time during school hours or chaperoning for school trips is greatly appreciated.

We also provide opportunities for Co-Op students, both in High School and at a Post Secondary level, who wish to complete or to be involved at Johnston for communal services.


Thank you for choosing Johnston Tutorial School

Contact Us at:

School Address:376 Carlton Street, St. Catharines, ON L2M 4W6

Mailing Address:10 Carina Street, St. Catharines, Ontario, L2M 5E3

Telephone Number: 905 938 2818

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