Interior Digital Design - Lighting Control

By: Interior Digital Design  09-12-2011

Lighting Control Systems

The lights in your home can do more than just turn on and off. With a touch of a button, whole rooms can dim and brighten automatically, set the mood for a romantic dinner or to curl up and watch a movie as the shades go down and the lights dim. Light up your whole house when you get home at night at a touch of a button- and turn all lights off when you go to bed.

In a lighting control sytems switches and dimmers are replaced with buttons on small keypads. These keypads can control one light or entire groups of lights located in the same room or scattered throughout the house. These systems are easy to use and bring convenience, energy savings and ambiance to any home.

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Interior Digital Design- Security

Interior Digital Design can install a system for any budget which will watch over your home 24 hours a day, guarding against not only intrusion, but also smoke, heat and carbon monoxide. From basic instrusion monitoring to addition of closed circuit cameras, video surveillance and recording, access and gate controls and even remote monitoring and automation.


Interior Digital Design - Home Theater

Let Interior Digital Design help layout the room, recommend equipment, lighting solutions, show you where to place the speakers for the best sound, then install and calibrate these systems to get the best picture and sound for your environment. Not everyone has the luxury of building a dedicated home theater, and not all living rooms are the perfect environments for your new big screen TV and surround sound system.


Interior Digital Design -Consulting

Regardless of the size and complexity of the system being installed in your home, detailed engineering is required not only to ensure the system performs as intended, but to ensure the system is robust and reliable. Design is a crucial element in the development of a quality home system- not only in the design of the system itself, but how it integrates with other home systems and décor of the home.


Interior Digital Design - Solutions

With equipment tucked away out of site, in wall and in ceiling speakers, easy to use control pads which blend into any décor, it’s no wonder it is the hottest selling upgrade in any home system. Whole home audio represents an entire category of home systems that can deliver music from a centralized system to multiple rooms throughout your home from multiple sources at the same time.


Interior Digital Design - Home Automation

We install equipment from the most advanced and reputable suppliers and integrate the systems to suite your automation needs. Smoke, fire, and Carbon Monoxide monitoring.


Interior Digital Design - Video Distribution

As more of these systems become availabe, Interior Digital Design can help you choose and install the right system for your home and budget. Along with an audio/video distribution system makes it easy to share this throughout your home. Download your favorite HD movie title and watch it on any tv in your home. TV, DVDs, CDs, Photos, Radio, all can be centrally stored and cataloged.