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By: I/OVision  09-12-2011
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Dear Colleague,

One of the big advantages of having your own CTO (Chief Technology Officer) - is having someone you can really rely on to "give it to you straight". This is a big deal as technology is expensive and so much of day to day business is interwoven with it. Problem is .. a CTO traditionally could only be afforded by enterprises and large organizations. Until now.

Introducing IT Watch, where you can now receive all the IT Services, including all the Expert Advice you can handle, for one fixed monthly fee without any hidden costs or the expense of hiring a CTO. Just take a look at some the benefits:

  • You’ll Receive Expert Advice
    How can be sure that your source of advice knows what they are talking about (a.k.a their an expert)? All our senior technical consultants have more than extensive hands-on IT experience working with other small businesses like yours.

  • You’ll Receive Unbiased Advice
    Unlike other IT service providers who will "push" a particular technology, hardware device or software product in order to profit from the sale, Although I/O Vision represents many industry-leading manufacturers, we vow always to provide you  with unbiased advice, concentrating on what’s best for you and gain your confidence and trust .. something that’s more valuable to us than profits from hardware or software sales.

  • You’re Very Likely to Save Money
    I/O Vision actively seeks to understand you business and look for ways to save you money - even for our own services! We also continually look for technical solutions that help your business. For example, if we see a business process that is costing you 40K a year in labor costs that can be automated with a 10K piece of software (saving you 30K the first year and 110K over 3 years), we will bring this to your attention. Part of being able to do this is learning about your business over time and keeping abreast of technology trends in yours and our own industry.

  • You’ll Enjoy Clear and Transparent Communication
    Ever have problems communicating with your "IT Guy"? .. leaving you frustrated and more confused than when you started? Enough is enough! We will explain the most technical solutions in plain English - providing you with the ability to make informed strategic decisions about your business and technology.

Take a Consulting Test Drive on Us For Free With Absolutely No Obligation

Have a burning question or problem you’ve been trying to solve? In the hope you will understand the tremendous value of our IT services, we’d like you to experience some rock solid advice and take us up on our offer for one hour of free consultation with the President of I/O Vision, Scott Putman.

Keywords: Small Businesses

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