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By: Family Mediation  09-12-2011

There is an on-site mediator available during First Attendance proceedings and at select other times as determined in consultation with the Manager of Court Operations. On-site mediation offers an opportunity for quick resolution of specific issues as identified by Family Court Justices or as requested by the parties themselves.

When on-site mediation is requested, the on-site mediator meets briefly with each of the parties and their lawyers in order to:

  • clearly define the issue(s) to be mediated – examples include custody, access and child support,
  • clarify and ensure the parties’ understand the mediator’s role and the limits of on-site mediation, and
  • assess for appropriateness and willingness to participate in the on-site mediation process.

If it is determined that the issues identified require more time and thoughtful consideration, the parties are referred to off-site mediation services.

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Family Mediation: Services - InfoCentre

They offer free information about divorce, separation and related family law issues (child custody, access, support, property division and child protection). In Niagara there are two FLICs – one at the St. Catharines Court House on the 4th floor and one at the Welland Court House on the 1st floor. Staff can also refer you to other community resources, including non-legal resources and alternatives to litigation like mediation.


Family Mediation: Services - Family

The Family Advice Duty Counsel can provide limited general advice or assistance on a family law matter, for people who are not in court the day they attend the Centre. If you meet the financial guidelines set by Legal Aid, they may be able to help you even further. This service is offered on a first come, first served basis so be prepared to wait to be seen.