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Leverage U is often called on to examine the internal processes of an organization as it relates to the productivity and morale of its human resources. As an expert in team connectivity, communication, anger, and stress, and their links to peak performance, Julie and the Leverage U team works with you to diagnose and correct those barriers that may be preventing a team trom attaining peak performance within the organization. Leverage U also provides exceptional leadership training for management staff.


TransformED ~

We have developed the Transform[ED] Classes to help leverage individual clients to creating radical, positive, lasting change through the group process. Transform[ED] Classes takes place via live sessions in Niagara and its environs once per quarter.  Due to her demanding schedule, Julie is able to work with only a handful of individual coaching clients at any given time.  TransformED topics:

  • Help! I'm Stressed! (How to Create Your Own Stress Less Plan) 90 minutes
  • Anger Resolution and Emotional Control (3 hrs broken into two 90 minute sessions)
  • Leverage: The New Motivation (How to Leverage Yourself into Greater Success) 90 minutes

Please check the

page to see when our TransformeED Classes will be taking place.

If anger is interfering with your ability to function effectively at home, at work, or at play, or if anger is damaging your valued relationships, it is time for Anger Solutions. We will not teach you how to "manage anger"; rather, we will help you acquire and assimilate a new set of decision making behaviours that will forever change the way you approach situations that typically ignite anger. You can choose to work directly with Julie via tele-coaching, or with one of our Authorized Providers* located in or near your community. This 15-week program is intensive, fun, and has a 100% success rate to date (over 6 years). Call 1-866-754-6169 to get started.


Leverage U stands ready to help make your next meeting, workshop, training session, or conference a success. With a solid commitment to excellence, and a collaborative spirit, Julie and her team of Authorized Providers* will work with you to ensure that you and your target audience receive exactly what you need, and more. Julie's  most popular topics include:

  • Overcoming Conflict, Negativity, and Anger in the Workplace
  • Stress Busters
  • Building STEEM: Self Esteem for Students
  • Anger Managed or Anger Solved?
  • Leverage: The New Motivation


Add-on services include bulk pricing for books and/or audio products, which can be provided to your team members or conference attendees as incentives for attending. Contact us for more information about our bulk pricing offerings or to learn more about our Authorized Providers.

Keywords: stress

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