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Interested in seeing what an NLSO rehearsal is like? - The orchestra members love an audience, which means we love it when people come to visit us. But it tends to bring out the performer in us & that can be distracting if we are in the middle of a learning cycle. So, if you would like to come visit, contact us & we can arrange a time that works for you and for us.

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By the end of these classes you will have learned to play several songs together with your fellow classmates as a band. Clinics are a casual introduction to the steel pan that can be provided in conjunction with our concerts. Workshops offer a group experience in which individuals learn to play several songs on the steel pan. These classes are lead out by a head instructor with individual instructors for each person.


Northern Lights Steel Orchestra at Your School

We feel privileged to be able to go into schools & introduce kids to the bright, lively sound of the steel pan, to awaken student?s minds to their creative nature, while promoting the development of motor, learning & listening skills. We also offer these performances by themselves for schools that may not have enough time or space to dedicate to a complete workshop, but would still like to show their students something new & exciting.


Workshop Performance

It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the steel pan & to expose students to instruments & music they may not be familiar with. Although, we prefer to open with at least a small concert to help inspire students minds, we are willing to work it in at a different time if needed. We like to open school workshops with a live performance by the orchestra. This will help us to decide on the size of the NLSO Performance Group.


Northern Lights Steel Orchestra Workshop Options

Any or all of these options can be combined together to customize the perfect program for your school. The following options are available for school workshops. It might help to think of it like an ala carte menu.



We do realize that sometimes our scheduled community workshops don?t always work out for everyone who is interested in playing the steel pan. So on those special occasions we can schedule private lessons at our campus. Private lessons are another situation we evaluate on an individual basis. Interested in learning to play the pan.