ATSI, Inc. | Procurement

By: Atsi  09-12-2011

For over 30 years, ATSI has provided state of the art procurement skills that have proven to be cost effective.


The procurement function is the acquisition of equipment, materials, supplies and services through orderly means, from the most economical source, for a timely delivery to the site at which work is to be performed. Inspection will be coordinated by the Procurement Department using ATSI or third party inspectors.

Strong strategic sourcing skills enhanced the analysis, selection and evaluation of our suppliers. We also have a worldwide supplier base and experience with all aspects of international logistics. Purchasing support services are available for assignments of any size, scope or location.


  • Joint development of bidders list
  • Securing of proposals from the various bidders
  • Commercial and technical evaluation of proposals
  • Issuance of all purchase orders and change orders expediting delivery,
  • Coordinating the shipment of equipment to the job site or other predetermined destination
  • Issuance of purchase orders covering approved contracts, as applicable

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