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By: Bryan's Small Engines  09-12-2011
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Marine winterization Marine winterization will soon be upon us. I've had numerous calls in the past few weeks asking if we
provide this service and what all it entails, plus if we offer hull-wash and shrink-wrap services as well.  
The answer is YES, we do. Two stroke, four stroke, Seadoo, inboard/outboard, inboard, jetboat, we
winterize them all.We provide this mobile service for the residents and cottagers of Lake Eugenia. For other locations,
we request you have a minimum of three watercrafts that require winterization that can be completed
the same time to help cover our travel time. Alternatively, we can schedule to winterize at our shop
location in Shelburne if you can deliver the watercraft. Please call for more information about mobile
winterization if you are not on Lake Eugenia and are interested in our services.For the Lake Eugenia customers who have already pulled their boat from the water and have it sitting
in their driveway/yard, we can winterize it on spot. If the boat is still in the water, we do offer an
unlaunch service if the trailer provided is road-worthy. Once out of the water, we offer a boat bottom
wash, done on the customers driveway, to clean off any algae, zebra muscles or any other build-up on
the hull.The winterization itself entails changing of the engine oil and filter (if applicable), changing of the pump
oil (if applicable), changing of the lower unit oil, installing fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank, running the
motor on marine anti-freeze, fogging the engine and then draining the engine cooling system. We also
grease where grease fittings exist, place the drain-plug in the glove-box or a cup holder and remove
the battery. We can store the battery and your keys in our warm shop in Shelburne and periodically
charge your battery, or we can place it in whatever location you choose to be moved later into a warm
location. This complete service is highly recommended to ensure the engine block doesn’t crack due
to water freezing in the cooling system, the lower units don’t freeze and crack due to any water that
leaked in and also to ensure and maintain the overall health of your watercraft.Understandably, we cannot provide winterization services for any watercraft in a lift directly above the
water or left in the water. The environmental concern for such services is far too great. All watercrafts
are to be either on their respective trailers or in a dry boathouse without any water below the boat. This
also ensures that our mechanics and their tools are kept out of the water so if tools were to get
dropped on the ground, they can easily be recovered.Once the watercraft is winterized, we can shrink-wrap it or store it indoors if either service is required.
We charge shrinkwrap by the foot and include the frame in the cost to shrinkwrap. For storage, we
limited space so if you are interested in this, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure you have
a spot.For a full price list, for questions or to schedule your winterization, please contact Lynne directly either
by phone at 519-925-0216 or by email [email protected] For those who need to have
their boats winterized so they can be placed in storage on a specific date, please call to schedule this
early as appointments can fill up quickly.

Keywords: Boat, small engines