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By: Perth Pork Products  09-12-2011

BerkshireThe field-raised Berkshire produces rich, dark meat with fat marbling that gives it a full flavour. It is considered sweeter than commercially raised pork. The meat needs gentle handling and works well with slow cooking. Many older people who are given Berkshire meat report that it taste like pork used to when they were young. The Berkshire pig has been a favorite of the British Royal Family since Queen Victoria's time and with good reason.

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Ironage Pork - Ontario Perth Pork Products

Since we have only recently started growing these animals and they take a year and a half to come to weight, we cannot fully describe the flavour of the meat with any consistency. Generally the meat seems to have some wild boar taste along with additional fat that enhances the flavor. They are the result of cross breeding a Wild Boar boar and a Tamworth sow. IronageIron Age pigs are known in Europe, particularly in Great Britain.


Wild Boar Pork - Ontario Perth Pork Products

They receive naturally fertilized, non-GMO, farm-grown corn and grain during the winter months. The meat is fine grained with little fat and keeps much of its original wild flavour. Wild BoarOur Wild Boar are raised in field and forest conditions where they forage. Rich fruit sauces and chutneys or juniper flavors work well with Wild Boar.


Commodity Pork - Ontario Perth Pork Products

They are Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc, which results in a pig that is mainly white, with some pigs showing some red color. 7 months from birth, to bring these pigs up to 250 lbs live weight. Commodity PorkOur commodity pork pigs are a cross between 3 breeds.


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A Bristol University taste test, under scientifically controlled conditions, rated Tamworth meat as the best when compared with other rare breeds and commercial pork. Light fruit based sauces make a good accompaniment but it is the flavour of the meat alone that makes this heritage breed worth growing slowly. Its history as a British forest pig that grazes has given fresh Tamworth meat a distinctive flavourful taste.


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