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By: Vinaayagar  09-12-2011
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Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Temple is well known for it's charitable social services. There is no doubt that it is the forerunner in this field. It is with gratitude we remember their contribution to Scarborough Grace Hospital on Pongal Day, last January.

Following this, in order to alleviate the hardships of our people in Eastern Sri Lanka, affected by recent floods, funds were collected on Friday 4-02-20 11. With the Temple donation of $1000.00 and the amount of $1521.00 was collected from the devotees.  A total amount of $2521.00 (Sri Lankan Rupees 292, 436.00) was sent to Batticaloa Ramakrishna Mission�s Bank account with the help of Prof. E. Balasundaram. The temple foundation thanks the munificent devotees who willingly came forward to help our brethren in distress in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka.

In the pictures you could see the distribution of food by volunteers, travelling by boats to Batticaloa Paduvankarai areas of Kothiyapulai, Karaiyakantivu and Puthumandapathadi villages in the Eastern part of Sri Lanka.

'Giving back to the community' INItIATED by Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple on the holy day of pongal (14th January 2011)

Toronto Sri Varasiththi Vinaayagar Hindu Temple, the forerunner of many Religious, Cultural and Tamil language services, added another feather to its cap, by organizing an event to donate funds for The Scarborough Grace Hospital on the auspicious Pongal day (14th January 2011).

The Pongal is the Thanks Giving Day for the Tamil�s around the world. The Hindu Religious organization located in Scarborough just north of 401 on Kennedy and Finch has initiated this holy day as 'Giving back to the community'. The collection of this fund was initiated by the Chief Priest of the temple Sivasri. Panchadchara Vijayakumara Kurukkal and the executive committee, on the advice of Mr. Sugumar Ganesan, the administrative advisor of the temple.

In order to encourage the younger generation, to get involved in such noble ventures Master Vidyasagar Vijayakumaran collected donations from the devotees, who attended the Pongal celebrations. Along with his collection and temple contribution total of $5455.00 was donated to The Scarborough Grace hospital.

The President of the Scarborough Grace Hospital Foundation Mr.Michael Mazza referred to this event as an important milestone of all Tamil Saivaites and Varasiththi Vinaayagar temple in particular.  Hon. Jim Karygiannis (M.P.) said that the social status of Tamils have been elevated by this munificent action of the temple and praised the administration profusely. The representatives of Hon. Gerry Phillips (M.P.P.) and Councilor Mike Del Grande, who were present at the occasion, commended this noble venture of the temple.

The Chief Priest announced that this 'Giving back to the community' will take place three times a year, and the collected funds will be donated to other hospitals, in due course. He also thanked the devotees, who donated generously to this fund at short notice and supported the temple in such noble ventures. He believed that these donations will benefit the patients in the hospitals. Also he requested all Canadians to donate funds generously to this charitable venture, irrespective of race, religion and language. 

This event was well received and much-admired by the Canadian society. 

Mr. Sivanesan Sinniah

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Keywords: Hindu Temple