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By: Salivan Landscape  09-12-2011

This is the area of our business that includes the design, installation and maintenance of tropical plants in the home, office or public areas of commercial buildings, malls and atria, condo developments and apartments.

This service is offered as a separate service or in conjunction with exterior maintenance services.

  • Inspection and service of all plants on a weekly schedule, tailored to the‚Ä® requirements of the plants and the convenience of the client
  • Watering, pruning (including trimming and removal of dead leaves/branches)
  • Cleaning containers of little and grooming mulch materials
  • Plant cleaning and shining
  • Cultivating soil in permanent planters to maintain aeration and aesthetics
  • Fertilizing of plants on a regular basis
  • Pest control using environmentally friendly methods (insecticidal soaps and biological controls
  • Seasonal displays
  • Replacement of trees and plants

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