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By: Recordxpress  09-12-2011
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Documents containing private or confidential information are created daily by businesses and individuals. Canadian legislative institutions of all levels develop and update laws that regulate information management practice to protect individuals and businesses, for example the Privacy Act, Federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Addressing privacy concerns effectively is being seen as a winning strategy for both business and consumers. We understand that one of the highest priorities for every business is to service customers with much respect to their individual privacy and ensure their total confidentiality.

RecordXpress provides secure document destruction service that guarantees legal compliance and confidentiality of your information. We have both scheduled shredding and one-time shredding service.

One time shredding
If you store records at our facility, we will send you a list of records for destruction review. When we receive the confirmed destruction request back from you, we will retrieve the boxes and shred them at a safe facility.

If you don’t store boxes at our facility, we can come and pick up boxes from your office or home. We then transport the boxes to our secured shredding facility. If you request to witness the shredding process, please let our representative know and he/she will arrange it for you.

To guarantee that your documents are safely shredded, we take the following security procedures:
• Only authorized personnel can place an order for destruction (if you store boxes at RecordXpress). Password and signature are required.
• Always send a list for destruction review to client before shredding starts.
• All drivers and staff need to provide Criminal Background Check before they are employed and are bonded after they are employed.
• Before sending the boxes for shredding, our employees always double check the boxes to make sure that no box is accidentally shredded by mistake.
• A certificate of destruction will be issued to each client assuring them the documents are destroyed completely.

Keywords: Boxes, Electronic Documents

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