RK Global - Global Joint Ventures

By: R K Global Consultants  09-12-2011


Our clients are mainly growth oriented, mid-market companies, including those with global operations.  We have successfully worked with clients ranging from startups, to large corporations with $150 million in revenues - and growing.  We service a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, retail and distribution, as well as service sectors.  Our success based philosophy, combined with our excellent service mean our clients are clients for life.


Most consulting companies operate on 'billable hours' - consultants are encouraged to charge as much of their time as possible to their client's account.  Most companies charge up-front retainers to cover their investment in time into the client.

RK Global's fee philosophy hinges on delivering value to the client first and foremost.  We do not believe in having the client subsidize our overhead.  We believe strongly in getting paid on results.  We do not charge retainer fees or up-front fees, all our fees are based on results and performance.  Our fees are also very reasonable and very competitive, guaranteeing that you get top quality at reasonable cost.  Our financing fees are based on a small percentage of the total amount financed - and we get paid only on results .  Our consulting fees are also very reasonable, and tailored towards the needs of the client.  If we feel that we cannot deliver what the client expects, we do not take the assignment, instead providing the client with (no cost) advice on how best they can reach a point where we can be of help.  Our philosophy of being "your partner in growth"is based on delivering value to the client - not just revenue to our bottom line.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011