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By: Paintronic Systems  09-12-2011
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Paint and Powder Booths

Paintronic Systems offers a complete line of paint or powder spray booths. Custom designs and sizes to suit any APPLICATION and BUDGET!

All our spray booths are designed to exceed the minimum environmental and safety requirements set out by the Occupational Health and Safety Act, NFPA, WSIB, The Province of Ontario, Government of Canada, and other bodies where applicable.•

Wet Paint Booths

Liquid paint booths are available in open/closed front, drive in and closed loop styles, incorporating side or down draft exhaust. Air make up units to suit the application can be mounted indoors/outdoors or roof top.


Cartridge Filter Booths

Cartridge filter powder booth packages are available for spray to waste or multicolour reclaim operations.

The new POWER TOWER cartridge booth system is economical and allows powder to be collected and/or reclaimed in a complact space saving design. The standard system incorporates a single colour module with reclaim capability or it can be used for "spray to waste" operations.

Achieve colour change times under 15 minutes with the Mk1 cartridge module and a standard booth. The Mk1 module rolls on and off line simplifying storage and maintenance.

Power Tower

Spray to Waste operation

Cyclone Booths

Cyclone recovery booths combine the benefits of powder reclaim and quick colour change times without requiring additional equipment (i.e.: colour modules). Our high efficiency cyclones ensure optimum reclaim rates and can be designed for use with many different sizes and styles of booths.


Keywords: cartridge filter, Cyclone Booths, Powder Booths, Spray Booths,

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The high-voltage booster,inside the gun barrel, is molded witha special high-voltage-resistant plasticand covered with injection-moldedplastic to maximize both strengthand safety. From selection of manufacturing materials… to the connections of hoses, guns and cables… to the distinctive design of our nozzles; our equipment is the wise alternative.


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The CD-16 unit was specifically designed to perform cathodic disbondment tests on coated samples, conforming to MTO, ASTM and CRSI specifications. Multiple channel design allows user to simultaneous test up to sixteen samples. Test samples may include reinforcing steel, pipe and coated blanks.


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