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By: Majestic Muffler  09-12-2011
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Your car's exhaust system is crucial to your car's performance -- affecting pollution, safety and comfort. While the main purposes of the exhaust system are to condition and remove exhaust gases from the car and to reduce engine noise, several aspects of the system are designed specifically for their effect on the engine's performance.

A catalytic converter is the most important pollution control device on your vehicle. A vehicle without a catalytic converter or with a malfunctioning unit is harmful to the environment. The converter changes the poisonous carbon monoxide into a non-poisonous gas before it goes into the atmosphere.

Your Exhaust System is a Key Component for a Smooth Operation of your Vehicle. The following are parts that make up your exhaust system. Any one of these parts either missing and/or damage affects the performance of your vehicle:

Exhaust Pipes:
Designed specifically for each car model to properly route exhaust to the back of the car.

Exhaust Manifold:
Some engines have two and it acts like a funnel, collecting exhaust gases from all cylinders then releasing it through a single opening.

Catalytic Converter:
Designed to reduce the amount of harmful emissions products by transforming pollutants into water vapor and creating less harmful gases.

A metal container with holes, baffles and chambers that muffles exhaust noise.

Works with the muffler to reduce noise factors.

Tail Pipe:
Found at the back of the car, it is designed to carry exhaust gases away from the vehicle.

Products we carry and install:

Also a wide selection of stainless steel tips, mufflers and hi flow cats.

Need Customizing?

Have a special vehicle in need of a custom exhaust or muffler? We'll provide you with custom fits that will make your car sound like it is brand new. We've been dealing in customized parts for years, and always have satisfied customers. With Vintage Cars, we stay within the legal requirements set by the Canadian / Ontario Government to ensure there is less pollutants being released into the air.

Call us today and ask about our Customizing!

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