Pay and Display

By: Mac Kay Meters  09-12-2011

The MacKay Guardian™ Multi in Pay and Display mode

Pay and Display: In this mode, a customer purchases parking time and receives a printed ticket indicating the ticket expiry time, which is then placed and displayed on the paying customer’s car dashboard.  Configured this way, the Multi requires a single four-button keypad to select options on the display screen.

The Multi has a modular architecture which means that every Multi is customizable to meet individual operator needs and allow for future expansion.

The Multi utilizes the latest and most reliable wireless capabilities, designed to extract maximum but cost-effective utility from current third generation CDMA (1X) cellular data networks.  Solutions that support GPRS networks are also available. 

The Multi is configured to provide regularly scheduled, high-speed, low-latency data communications with MacKay’s remote server. Alerts and other events of interest such as paper low, or door openings are communicated immediately to the remote server. This means that multiple meters and lots can be effectively and efficiently monitored remotely from a central location where all alerts, transactions and information related to the Multi can be maintained. Alert conditions can be immediately dealt with by parking supervisors, and statistical information (total transactions, for example) can be easily gathered, viewed, and extracted. 

Some report data can also be imported into most popular accounting and reporting systems, providing an even more powerful planning and management tool which will work with software systems already in place. By combining the available data with these tools, analytical information such as peak hour usage, total revenue, collection or maintenance statistics is readily available. Configuration and tariff updates can also be performed remotely, greatly enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of the managed system.

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MacKay Guardian Multi Elite

The confirm button flashes green and doubles as a start up button on solar powered Elites that are in "sleep mode" to conserve power. The colour display allows for graphic icons and images to be added, providing a means to personalize the pay stations. Accepted payment types include coins, bills, credit cards, non-pin debit cards and smart cards. The pay station currently can be set to Pay & Display mode or Pay by Space mode.


Multi Space

When deciding whether to install single space meters or multi-space pay stations, it is important to consider the Pros and Cons of each solution. The MacKay Guardian™ Multi is our highly versatile and extremely reliable pay station. The MacKay Guardian™ Multi Elite is our newest pay station. Higher capital costs than single-space meters.


MKH Series Housings

From our top-of-the-line MKH 4500, constructed completely of ductile iron, to the more affordable iron-zinc MKH 4000, MacKay has the products and experience to find the right housings to fit your needs. The MKH 4500 is our top-of-the-line vandal-resistent single space housing completely constructed of durable ductile iron with special tapered design for increased strength and security.


X Series Meters

The parking meter mechanisms manufactured by MacKay are not only some of the most technologically advanced in the world, but they also have a proven track record of dependable performance. MacKay was the first parking meter manufacturer to produce a fully electronic parking meter, some of which are still deployed in areas with the most extreme climates worldwide. MacKay’s patented SmartChute™ coin validation technology.


Single Space

From our top-of-the-line MKH 4500, constructed completely of Ductile iron, to the more affordable iron-zinc MKH4000, MacKay has the products and experiance to find the right housing product to fit your needs. When deciding whether to install Single Space meters or Multi Space pay stations, it is important to consider the Pros and Cons of each solution.