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By: Infomentis  09-12-2011

Although the writing had been on the wall for the best part of a decade, the Sales Training industry changed forever in 2008/2009.  The global financial turmoil in late 2008 precipitated the serious economic downturn, thereby putting return on investment, cost reduction, and travel and expenses firmly under the microscope.  At the same time, it has long felt that a purely classroom-based approach to sales improvement was flawed.  Research has shown that people overwhelmingly favor an on-the-job learning process over a time-consuming one or multi-day workshop, while technological advances like web 2.0 have the ability to make people more productive than ever before.

Fortunately, The TAS Group anticipated this.  Creators of ‘Sales Performance Automation’, The TAS Group has been developing a more efficient sales learning and applying system for selling organization since 2005.  This system is the Dealmaker Sales Performance Automation software, which integrates transparently into your CRM system.  When sales people are provided with a system with integrated science-based methodology and process that provides them with valuable resources and tools for each lead at each step of the sales cycle, they will consistently use their CRM because it makes them more successful. 

Dealmaker delivers the following top-level benefits for the sales professional and sales leader:

  • More selling success and less busy work for the sales professional
  • Better confidence for the sales leader through greater forecast accuracy and coaching capacity
  • The Dealmaker difference is an intelligent system which gives sales professionals and leaders back far more than they put in.

Dealmaker Intelligence for the Sales Professional:

  • Uses the world’s leading sales process and methodology to standardize best practice, guiding you through which opportunities to work on, what to do next and how to maximize your chance of winning
  • Is fully configurable to your business and uses intelligent automation to provide coaching and deliver insight on your deals, your sales cycle and your sales velocity
  • Eliminates the need to manually update forecasts – Dealmaker calculates them automatically
  • Provides graphical opportunity and account management maps that allow you to explore business problems and uncover solutions as a team and together with your customers

Dealmaker Intelligence for the Sales Leader and Sales Operations Leader:

  • Integrates deeply with your CRM system to provide end-to-end analytics based on accurate, objective data, and synchronizes in real time
  • Provides accurate forecasts at all levels of the sales organization, based on proven sales process rather than laborious, subjective judgments
  • Supports sales learning, assessment and certification, to teach and reinforce key concepts and make  selling the right way an everyday thing
  • Incorporates social media – leverages the knowledge of your community and alerts you to problem areas so you can coach proactively
  • Supports the addition of sales methodology and process of other leading sales performance providers

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The TAS Group – Sales Technology, Methodology, Process for Sustained Revenue Growth - salescoaching

This unique, integrated approach has helped our customers achieve up to a 40%improvement in sales performance, impacting the top 30% of their deals.The companies we work with clearly recognize the value of sales coaching. The Sales Coaching Office is spearheaded by our Black Belt sales coaches to delivered accelerated impact – increased revenue now, and sustained results – by embedding the sales coaching discipline in your organization.