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By: Infomentis  09-12-2011

The Sales Coaching Office is a sales coaching infrastructure and framework that embeds coaching discipline for optimal sales results.  This unique, integrated approach has helped our customers achieve up to a 40%improvement in sales performance, impacting the top 30% of their deals.
The companies we work with clearly recognize the value of sales coaching.  As a result of coaching Return on Investment in sales goes up 27% according to Gallup and, where sales coaching is involved, customer loyalty improves by 56%.  But what do you do if you don’t have the resources or skills to embed a sales coaching discipline in your sales organization?  The Sales Coaching Office is spearheaded by our Black Belt sales coaches to delivered accelerated impact – increased revenue now, and sustained results – by embedding the sales coaching discipline in your organization.

Sales Coaching Office Infrastructure
The Sales Coaching Office infrastructure is designed to align 5 key elements to deliver sustained, repeatable and predictable results for customers.  These are: training and enabling content and technology (SCO Resource Center); expert coaching of the sales process, sales methodology and specific deals (Coaching Operations); underlying processes and support systems (Logistics); measurement and reporting (Analytics); capturing, assessing and pushing of competitive trends and sales best practices back out to field sales and sales management (Sales Insights), completing a formal embedded coaching system, with a ‘closed loop approach’ to sales performance improvement.

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The TAS Group – Sales Technology, Methodology, Process for Sustained Revenue Growth - salesperformanceautomation

When sales people are provided with a system with integrated science-based methodology and process that provides them with valuable resources and tools for each lead at each step of the sales cycle, they will consistently use their CRM because it makes them more successful. Creators of ‘Sales Performance Automation’, The TAS Group has been developing a more efficient sales learning and applying system for selling organization since 2005.