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By: Hyundai Water And Air  09-12-2011
Keywords: Reverse Osmosis, Water Purification, Purification System

Hyundai HYC – DIRO

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The HYC – DIRO Hot and Cold Water Purification System is designed for the high-volume "point – of – use" requirements of city, county, state and federal facilities along with business, commercial and industrial settings. The HYC – DIRO includes a Micro Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Storage Tank (with Ozone) and operates a simultaneous cooling system.

100 Liter Capacity

Keywords: Purification System, Reverse Osmosis, Water Purification, Water Purification System

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Water Purifiers - Hyundai Air and Water - sport

Using patented technology, hyundai's revolutionary new sports filter bottle is able to remove impurities from any water source and provide excellent drinking water. Emergencies, Sports, School Kids, Military Use, Eliminate Bottle Water Expense and Toxicity.


Aqua Sentinel

BIDET NOZZLE: Water discharge about 0.72 - 1.13 liters / minself cleaning & massage function. WASH NOZZLE: Water discharge about 0.6 - 1.13 liters / minself cleaning & massage function. HEATED SEAT TEMPERATURE CONTROL: 4 adjustable levels.


Water Sanitization - Hyundai Air and Water

The use of silver as a sanitization agent is approved in countries like Japan (under 50 ppb) and from authorities like the WHO. Silver has no toxicity and is able to destroy these microbial impurities via a process called ‘Origdynamic Action. Composed of a semiconductor that automatically sends a direct electric current at a regular rate. These anions effectively destroy all bacteria, microbes, and viruses that exist in water.


Water Purifiers - Hyundai Air and Water - w h

The W2 – 340 – H includes the Sediment Filter, Pre – Carbon Filter, Reverse Osmosis Membrane and the Post – Carbon Filter. COLD WATER POWER CONSUMPTION: 80 Watts. COLD TANK CAPACITY: 0.79 Gallons. HOT TANK CAPACITY: 0.53 Gallons.


Air Purifiers - Hyundai Air and Water

HYUNDAI includes state-of-the-art Pre – Filter, Static Electricity Sheet, Antibiotic Medium Filter, NANO Silver Composite HEPA Filter, Carbon Urethane Form Deodorization Filter, Carbon Antibiotic Sheet, Granular Active Carbon Deodorization Filter, Carbon Urethane Form Deodorization Filter and Ion Generation.