Getting Set Up

By: Cycom  09-12-2011

We are your "go to" company for everything from hardware components, software upgrades, and all of the other everyday supplies and peripherals. Our head offices are based in the Greater Toronto Area and we are proud to work with anyone in our community as well as across the country and North America. 

We are proud to be partnered with the largest hardware developers and software producers in the world in order to be able to provide you with the most up-to-date technology infrastructure available.  Our extensive inventory pool is supplied by Canada's leading IT production companies.

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Cycom Canada Corporation knows that there are times when it is necessary to upgrade, renew or reconfigure existing technology in order for your company to remain competitive in the business world. This is why we are happy to work with organizations who are willing to configure individual financial arrangements for you based upon the needs you have. We also know that these changes sometimes require capital you don't have immediate access to.


Installation and Set Up

We are proud to boast a skilled team of certified experts who will happily ensure that your new technology infrastructure is operational and working exactly the way you need it to Our service team makes installation, configuration and deployment of your purchase their greatest priority.


Setting Up Your IT Infrastructure

Cycom Canada Corporation understands and respects the value you place on maintaining accessibility to your customer-base all of the time and that is why our solutions are created to be installed and deployed with minimal interruption to your business function.