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By: Cosmetics Haven  09-12-2011
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The Elegance skin care products have ingredients designed to provide the precise level of skin care needed to maximize the looks of a woman in her forties while providing protection during this vibrant stage of life. Stages of Beauty has developed a refreshingly honest concept that many beauty products ignore, but women have always understood to be true. Women age over the years and require different products to maintain a youthful appearance as they grow older. The Stages of Beauty skin care products have been formulated to focus on each stage of a woman’s life to get the best results possible.

A woman who took a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the prestigious MIT developed the product line. She was very concerned with skin care and made careful scientific observations of the changes women experienced in their skin as they aged. Unable to find a product to satisfy her skin care needs, she decided to develop her own. The result is a fabulous line of products that provide the proper skin nutrients and care needed at each stage of a woman’s life.

Stages of Beauty Elegance is the line dedicated to women in the prime of life in their forties, an especially critical time when major changes occur for most women.

The Elegance Stages of Beauty Skin Care Range

These anti aging skin care products offer women in their forties the extra antioxidant protection they need to fight the aging process in their skin, and help provide much needed moisture as skin begins to lose its resilience during this stage of life. The products that are offered include the following.

  • The Elegance Treatment Cream
  • The Elegance Cleanser
  • The Elegance Scrub
  • Elegance Multi Peptide Serum

The products can be purchased individually or as a complete anti-aging system package. The company takes a very firm environmental stance and employs no dangerous chemicals, sulfates, synthetic dyes, perfumes, or petroleum products. The products use only natural ingredients and are never tested on animals.

In addition to being fragrance-free, they are hypoallergenic and can be used effectively by most women without any allergic reactions or unwanted side effects. Botanicals, fruit extracts and natural antioxidants are used exclusively in the formulations.

The products are also shipped with environmental care, in minimal packaging to reduce their carbon impact. All packing materials are biodegradable. These concerns are important to many women and Stages of Beauty consider the matter to be of utmost importance.

The Elegance Treatment Cream

The treatment cream for women in their forties is an everyday moisturizer that applies smoothly with a matte finish rather than an oily or greasy veneer that appears glossy. Many customers have likened the texture to goats milk, meant in a most complimentary way.

Elegance Stages of Beauty reviews are overwhelmingly positive and many women have stated that the product applies more smoothly than anything they have ever used previously. It is thicker than other formulations and helps fight ultraviolet damage caused by the suns rays. It does not provide ultraviolet protection however, and cannot be used in place of sunscreen.

The Elegance Multi Peptide Serum

The Stages of Beauty Elegance serum is an intense restorative treatment to enhance skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles and combat the drying of skin in women undergoing hormonal changes. The serum stimulates collagen production to accomplish these goals and helps fight the aging process at the cellular level by introducing massive doses of natural antioxidants to check the damage caused by free radicals. Many women using the product have stated in Elegance Stages of Beauty reviews that within a short time they began receiving compliments on their youthful-looking skin.

The Elegance Cleanser

This is a daily cleanser for women with skin that is not quite as resilient as it once was. It provides gentle cleansing without dyes or perfumes and helps restore the natural PH balance of the skin. It provides natural moisturizers while removing dirt, oil and makeup gently.

The Elegance Scrub

This product is formulated for more intense cleansing needs such as removing dead skin and is used at bedtime to allow the skin to recover and replenish natural oils and moisture overnight. The scrub helps brighten the skin with jojoba seeds and bamboo extracts. Rigorous skin scrubbing during the day, applying makeup, and facing the natural damaging effects of wind, sun and weather can age the skin, so it is recommended skin be given a chance to replenish itself naturally after a healthy scrub.

The Elegance skin care range does not try to sell multiple lines of makeup, eyeliner, blush, concealer and other makeup products. They are not a makeup company but a dedicated skin-care specialist. The products are all natural and scientifically formulated to meet the challenges of women facing major hormonal changes.

The reviews from clients are nothing short of spectacular, even though the Stages of Beauty prices are not inexpensive. We must take into account however that because they use only the highest-caliber ingredients, targeting specific skin problems, for women of a specific age, prices are competitive with other intensive skin care regimens when you look at what is provided for your money.

Keywords: Beauty Products, Skin Care, Skin Care Products

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