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By: Warmfurboots  09-12-2011


  [ You've always wanted warm fur boots? ]
Now, you can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor winter activities much more often. Go ahead! Take the time to relax with family and friends. Unwind in the ski lodge after a day on the slopes. Go for a leisurely nature walk. Engage in some quick paced four-wheeling and snowmobiling on brushed bush trails. Spend some great times on your favorite lake pulling yet another trophy fish out of one of your secret ice-fishing holes. Or trek through some fresh powdery snow after a big storm following in the tracks of a big buck. Besides being comfortable and lightweight, these stylish durable Nakiuk Checker and Standard Nakiuk fur boots and fur mittens offer you the finest quality water resistant furs, snow-gripping soles, full guarantee against defects and the best customer service.
  Our warm, comfortable and lightweight foam boot liners, manufactured according to Nakiuk's exacting quality control and specifications, have built-in memory. Therefore, once the linings of your Nakiuk fur boots become molded to each of your feet, you will immediately notice the difference if you put your fur boots on the opposite feet by mistake. These Nakiuk foam boot liners, available in black and ivory, are made exclusively for use in matching Nakiuk boots. Be ready to defy winter's extreme cold. Pair up these foam boot liners with your favorite Nakiuk boots now.
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