By: Mri  09-12-2011
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Removal of Medical Equipment for Re-use or Disposal 

MRI Ltd safely and systematically removes existing medical equipment from Hospitals and Healthcare Clinics throughout Canada. Each piece of equipment is carefully removed to maintain maximum functionality. When equipment is to be disposed of, every precaution is taken to ensure that the proper procedures are followed regarding the disposal of dangerous substances within the equipment.  We maintain a 'green' outlook on the disposal of old medical equipment and recycle wherever possible.  

Relocation of Medical Equipment 

MRI Ltd will remove existing medical equipment and arrange safe handling and transportation of the equipment to a new location.  We can ensure that the equipment functions without interruption when installed in it's new location.  Our staff also consult with the contractor responsible for the new site to ensure that the equipment's needs are satisfied.

Installation of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment 

MRI performs Mechanical Installation Services for GE Healthcare and Philips Medical Systems throughout Canada. Our installation team has completed rigorous training which has allowed them to become Installation Specialists. They are responsible for the equipment from point of delivery up to point of power-up. Our Specialists take great pride in completing their work in a safe, time-efficient manner, while maintaining the OEM's high standards by following strict quality control procedures.

Medical Removal & Installation Ltd (MRI Ltd) have been providing Mechanical Installation services since 2001. In fact many of our staff members have been working at MRI Ltd since it's inception and provide the backbone to the company as it stands today.

MRI Ltd has the experience to install MRi, CT, Nuclear Medicine, Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Angiography, Cath Labs, PET systems, PET/CT.  Our services are offered to our clients throughout Canada.

Please note that we are always looking for opportunities to expand our Mechanical Installation Services.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the many benefits of using our services with you at your convenience.  

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